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Haven Tokens
Haven Tokens.png
Rarity color Common
Renewable Yes
Stackable Yes (64)
ID aoa3:haven_tokens

Haven Tokens is an item from the Haven.


Mob drops[]

Haven Tokens are a part of the Haven Table and can be dropped by the following mobs:

Gem Bag[]

Haven Tokens can be obtained from a Gem Bag.

Mineralization Station[]

Haven Tokens can be obtained by using a Crystallite on a Mineralization Station.



Haven Tokens can be traded at the following NPCs, with each of their trades involving Haven Tokens listed:

NPC Item Price
Twinkling Lottoman Lotto Totem.png 1 Lotto Totem Haven Tokens.png 28 Haven Tokens
Twinkling Lottoman Rune Box.png 1 Rune Box Haven Tokens.png 10 Haven Tokens
Twinkling Lottoman Treasure Box.png 1 Treasure Box Haven Tokens.png 21 Haven Tokens
Twinkling Lottoman Weapons Case.png 1 Weapons Case Haven Tokens.png 15 Haven Tokens
Undead Herald Utopian Banner.png 1 Utopian Banner Haven Tokens.png 10 Haven Tokens


Version Information
1.0 Added Haven Tokens. They were then called Haven Gems.
1.1 The Twinkling Lottoman now trades the Purple Punisher Totem and Giga Cannon Totem for Haven Tokens.
Overworld Lottomen no longer trade Purple Punisher Totems and Giga Cannon Totems for Haven Tokens.
2.3 Now dropped by Angelicas and Orbiters.
3.0 Id changed from nevermine:coinsHaven to aoa3:haven_tokens.
Renamed to Haven Tokens.
3.2 Haven Tokens are now dropped by Rockrider, Blue Guardian, Red Guardian, Green Guardian, and Yellow Guardian.
Can now be traded to an Undead Herald to obtain a Utopian Banner.
Can now be used to trade for a Lotto Totem, Weapons Case, Treasure Box, and Rune Box at a Twinkling Lottoman.
Can no longer be used to buy a Purple Punisher Totem or Giga Cannon Totem at a Twnkling Lottoman.
Can now be obtained by using a Crystallite on a Mineralization Station.