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Haunted Greatblade
Haunted Greatblade.png
Type Greatblade
Damage 23  (♥×11.5)
Attack speed 0.76
Durability 1370
Effect Any effect (30 seconds) [The level of the potion effect is always I]
Tooltip Haunted
Rarity color Common
Renewable N/A
Stackable No
Version added 1.1
ID aoa3:haunted_greatblade

The Haunted Greatblade is a greatblade.


Holding it has a 1/12000 chance per tick to inflict the user with any registered potion effect, when this happens the greatblade will also say something to the player in chat.


See Repairing


See Greatblades#Enchanting


Haunted Greatblade is currently unobtainable in survival mode. It can still be spawned in via Creative mode, commands, or other third-party methods though.


  • "Who are you?"
  • "Let's go kill something"
  • "This is boring"
  • "Let's play a game!"
  • "I can feel your blood moving in your hand"
  • "Don't ever put me down"
  • "We are friends forever now. Forever."
  • "Does this blade make me look fat?"
  • "Can you keep a secret?"
  • "Let me hold you for a bit. It'll be fun"
  • "I'm cold. Rub some blood on me"
  • "You should let me out. I won't do anything bad, I promise"
  • "Did you hear that? No, me neither"
  • "Don't listen to what the voices tell you, they're crazy."
  • "Did you say something?"
  • "You fleshy creatures weird me out"