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Hauling rods are a type of item that serve to catch fish or other items out of a body of water. The Hauling rods added by Advent of Ascension behave differently from the Fishing rod added by vanilla Minecraft, but are still used for more or less the same purpose: catching fish.


In order to catch a fish, the player must right-click a held Hauling rod to cast its bobber into a body of fluid, just like the vanilla fishing rod. After waiting for some time, a fish mob may spawn in the fluid within close proximity of the bobber, and immediately start heading towards it (if the player sees an item instead, see section below). Once the fish reaches the bobber, it will "latch" onto it and start trying to swim away with it. In order to catch the fish, the player must repeatedly right-click with the Hauling rod to pull it in. Once close enough to the player, it will turn into an item form of itself. If the attached fish gets too far away from the player, it will detach from the bobber and disappear.

Durability is taken from the Hauling rod for every successful catch, but not for failed ones. Xp Orb.png 2-10 experience will also be given to the player upon a successful catch.

Occasionally an item may appear after some time instead of a fish. The item will appear right on top of the bobber instead of nearby, and the bobber will begin to sink into the fluid. If the player does not reel it in, it will eventually be lost. The process of reeling an item in is the same as for fish.

Only fish that spawn by the bobber are able to be caught (this meaning that the bobber acts as a sort of mob spawner that spawns in the fish). Fish that already existed in the world or that are spawned by other means will not seek out the bobber, nor can they be fished up if they happen to swim into the bobber (though they can be dragged if hooked directly). Any fish that spawns near the bobber will despawn if the player stops holding the Hauling rod.

The type of fish or item that the player can catch depends on what biome the player is currently in. By default, Advent of Ascension adds a special loot table for most dimension's biomes, meaning that what the player fishes up depends on what dimension biome the player is currently in. For all biomes that do not have a special table, the Default tables are used instead. Below is a list of all biomes with unique fish tables:

The following loot tables are used in all other biomes:


These enchantments can be applied to all Hauling rods:

  • Curse of Vanishing
  • Intervention
  • Luck of the Sea
  • Lure
  • Mending
  • Unbreaking

Enchantments in bold are added by the mod.

List of Hauling rods[]

Name Durability Effects
Golden Rod.png Golden Rod 280 The shiniest of rods
Hauling Rod.png Hauling Rod 400 Requires Level 15 Hauling to use
Light Rod.png Light Rod 160 Requires Level 69 Hauling to use

Lightweight, with a strong pull
Thermally Insulated Rod.png Thermally Insulated Rod 400 Requires Level 54 Hauling to use

A rod for slightly hotter environments