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Hardened Parapiranha
Hardened Parapiranha (entity)
Hardened Parapiranha
Damage 10  (♥×5)
Fire rate 1.0/sec
Fire type Semi-Automatic
Effect Wither II (3 seconds)
Tooltip Withers targets
Rarity color Common
Stackable Yes (64)
Version added 3.6
ID aoa3:hardened_parapiranha

The Hardened Parapiranha is a Tier 2 thrown weapon obtained by cooking.

Information[ | ]

A thrown Hardened Parapiranha will wither mobs on hit. Hardened Parapiranha projectiles deal 2 (♥×1) total wither damage.

Statistics[ | ]

When used, a Hardened Parapiranha can be thrown at a rate of 1 projectile per second.

Hardened Parapiranha projectiles are affected by gravity.

Obtaining[ | ]

Smelting[ | ]

Item Smelt Time (Seconds) XP Ingredients Recipe
Hardened Parapiranha 10 3 Parapiranha
Smelting animation
Parapiranha (item)
Hardened Parapiranha

Smoking[ | ]

Parapiranhas can be cooked in a Smoker to produce 1 Hardened Parapiranha and 3xp, taking 5 seconds.

Campfire[ | ]

Parapiranha can be cooked on a Campfire to make Hardened Parapiranha, taking 30 seconds. Each cook gives 3xp.