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Halycon Milk
Halycon Milk
Hunger 0 (Hungerx0)
Saturation 0
Effect Nausea I (5 seconds)
Tooltip Definitely not mint.
Rarity color Common
Stackable No
Version added 1.0
ID aoa3:halycon_milk

Halycon Milk is a consumable item obtainable from milking a Halycon.

Obtaining[ | ]

Milking[ | ]

Halycon Milk can be obtained by using an empty bucket on a Halycon.

Structures[ | ]

Halycon Milk can be randomly found in the following loot chests:

Usage[ | ]

Food[ | ]

Halycon Milk can be consumed by the player as a drink. It can be consumed even with a full hunger bar. When consumed, the following effects occur:

  • Heals 2 (♥×1) health to the player.
  • Removes all potion effects from the player.
  • Inflicts Nausea I for 5 seconds.

Upon consumption, an empty bucket is returned to the player's inventory.

Halycon Milk cannot be placed into the world.