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Grass blocks
Bright Grass.png
Hardness 0.6
Blast resistance 0.6
Transparent None
Luminance None
Flammable No
Stackable Yes (64)
Tool Shovel
Rarity color Common
Drops See below
ID See #List of grass blocks
Version added See #List of grass blocks

Grass blocks are decoration blocks that form the surface of dimensions. All grass blocks share the same statistics (see infobox right).


The surface of Creeponia has creep grass generating on it.

Grass blocks in the mod serve as a parallel to the grass block or mycelium found in vanilla Minecraft.


Like grass blocks in vanilla, grass blocks added by the mod can be mined with any tool, but a shovel remains the best way to break them. All grass blocks will only drop themselves when mined with a tool enchanted with Silk Touch. If they are mined with a tool that doesn't have Silk Touch, they instead drop a dirt or stone block, depending on the block (e.g.: Abyssal Grass drops abyssal stone, but candied grass drops candied dirt).

Natural generation[]

Just like vanilla grass blocks or mycelium generate on the surface of the overworld, the mod's grass blocks are found on the surface of many dimensions. See the chart below to see where each grass block type can be found.


If the right conditions are met, then most, if not all grass blocks from the mod can convert the block it drops into another grass block if it is placed nearby. For example, irograss can convert irostone into irograss.

If a block is placed on top of most grass blocks, then the grass block will convert itself into the block it drops (e.g.: lunalyte grass will change to lunalyte dirt).

List of grass blocks[]

Grass block Name Drops Notes Id Version added
Abyssal Grass.png Abyssal Grass Abyssal Stone Makes up the surface of Abyss aoa3:abyssal_grass 1.0
Aromatic Grass.png Aromatic Grass Aromatic Dirt Makes up the surface of Gardencia aoa3:aromatic_grass 1.1
Bright Grass.png Bright Grass Bright Rock Makes up the surface of Shyrelands
Generates in Divine Ritual Temple, Ruined House 1, Ruined Statue, Shyre Lotto Bunker, and Temple of the Sun
aoa3:bright_grass Tslat 1.1
Candied Grass.png Candied Grass Candied Dirt Makes up the surface of Candyland aoa3:candied_grass 2.3
Celevian Grass.png Celevian Grass Celevian Dirt Makes up the surface of Celeve aoa3:celevian_grass 2.1
Coral Grass.png Coral Grass Coral Soil Makes up the surface of the ocean floor in L'Borean aoa3:coral_grass 1.1
Creep Grass.png Creep Grass Creep Dirt Makes up the surface of Creeponia aoa3:creep_grass 2.4
Faded Grass.png Faded Grass Blackened Soil Makes up the surface of Dustopia aoa3:faded_grass 1.1
Fungal Grass.png Fungal Grass Fungal Dirt Makes up the surface of Mysterium, as well as the surface of the caves in Mysterium aoa3:fungal_grass 1.0
Greckon Grass.png Greckon Grass Greckon Dirt Makes up the surface of Greckon aoa3:greckon_grass 1.1
Inverted Lelyetian Grass.png Inverted Lelyetian Grass Inverted Lelyetian Grass Makes up the surface of the underside of Lelyetia aoa3:inverted_lelyetian_grass 2.0
Irograss.png Irograss Irostone Makes up the surface of Iromine aoa3:irograss 1.1
Lelyetian Grass.png Lelyetian Grass Lelyetian Stone Makes up the surface of Lelyetia aoa3:lelyetian_grass 2.0
Lunalyte Grass.png Lunalyte Grass Lunalyte Dirt Generates in a Cradle of Life aoa3:lunalyte_grass 1.1
Lunasole Grass.png Lunasole Grass Lunasole Dirt Generates in a Cradle of Life aoa3:lunasole_grass 1.1
Polluted Grass.png Polluted Grass Polluted Soil Makes up the surface of Vox Ponds aoa3:polluted_grass 1.1
Precasian Grass.png Precasian Grass Precasian Surface-Rock Makes up the surface of Precasia aoa3:precasian_grass 1.0
Runic Grass.png Runic Grass Runic Stone Makes up the surface of Runandor aoa3:runic_grass 1.1
Weightless Grass.png Weightless Grass Weightless Dirt Makes up the surface of Haven aoa3:weightless_grass 1.0