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There are currently 5 gods in Advent of Ascension.


Selyan is the god of nature. His interests concern plants, trees, and other foliage-related things. The tribute bar for Selyan is located at the very top, and is colored green.

In the Overworld, in order to fill the tribute bar up and please Selyan, the player has to harvest 50 crops. If the player manages to get the bar completely filled before nightfall, Selyan will reward the player with a Speed I buff.

Naturalists will sometimes reference Selyan when spoken to.


Luxon is the god of light. Luxon's tribute bar is underneath Selyan's but above Erebon's and is colored blue. To please Luxon, the player must capture at least 50 Pixons. If the bar is filled when night falls on the world, then Luxon will reward the player with an Invisibility buff. Keep in mind, Luxon's tribute bar will go down if the player kills mobs with melee weapons.


Erebon is the god of darkness. Erebon's tribute bar is underneath Luxon's but above Pluton's and is colored red. To please Erebon, the player has to kill mobs with melee weapons. The player has to kill 50 mobs in order to get a full bar. If the bar is filled when night falls on the world, then Erebon will reward the player with a Strength buff.


Pluton is the god of treasure. Pluton's bar is at the very bottom, and is colored yellow. To please Pluton, the player has to get Foraging and/or Logging drops from mining stone or breaking wood, or extract items from lava with an Extraction Device. To fill up the bar completely, the player has to get 200 tribute points from either Foraging/Logging or both combined, or the player has to extract 100 items from lava. If the bar is filled up before nightfall, Pluton will give the player a Luck buff.

The amount of tribute points given decreases as the player levels up in Foraging/Logging (since the chance of getting a drop increases).

Level Tribute obtained
1-9 11
10-19 10
20-29 9
30-39 8
40-49 7
50-59 6
60-69 5
70-79 4
80-89 3
90-99 2
100-1000 1


Krasaun is the god of equality. To please Krasaun, the player must fill up all of the tribute bars at least halfway or more before nightfall. If the player manages to do this, the player will be rewarded with a Night Vision buff. If they are all filled completely the player will additionally obtain a Holy Sword.

The worn book that is given to the player by the corrupted traveller makes mention of Krasaun.