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Rarity color Common
Renewable No
Stackable Yes (64)
Version added 2.2
ID See table

Gemstones can be obtained from mining Crystal Ores. They can be used on the Crystal Creator of the respective color to obtain Crystals.



Gemstones are obtained by breaking their respective gemstone ore. Each ore will drop 1 of its respective Gemstones when broken. The amount dropped can be increased with the Fortune enchantment.


Item Smelt Time (Seconds) XP Ingredients Recipe
Any Gemstones 10 3 Gemstone Ores
Smelting animation.gif
Blue Gemstone Ore
Blue Gemstones


Any Gemstone Ores can be processed in a Blast Furnace to produce 1 Gemstones and 3xp, taking 5 seconds.


Crystal Creator[]

Gemstones can be used on the Crystal Creator of the respective color in order to produce Crystals.

List of gemstones[]

Gemstone ID Obtained from Creates
Blue Gemstones.png Blue Gemstones aoa3:blue_gemstones Blue Crystal Ore.png Blue Crystal Ore Blue Crystals.png Blue Crystals
Green Gemstones.png Green Gemstones aoa3:green_gemstones Green Crystal Ore.png Green Crystal Ore Green Crystals.png Green Crystals
Purple Gemstones.png Purple Gemstones aoa3:purple_gemstones Purple Crystal Ore.png Purple Crystal Ore Purple Crystals.png Purple Crystals
Red Gemstones.png Red Gemstones aoa3:red_gemstones Red Crystal Ore.png Red Crystal Ore Red Crystals.png Red Crystals
White Gemstones.png White Gemstones aoa3:white_gemstones White Crystal Ore.png White Crystal Ore White Crystals.png White Crystals
Yellow Gemstones.png Yellow Gemstones aoa3:yellow_gemstones Yellow Crystal Ore.png Yellow Crystal Ore Yellow Crystals.png Yellow Crystals


Version Information
2.2 Added Gemstones. At the time, they were dropped regularly by the mobs of Crystevia.
3.2 Gemstones are no longer dropped by Crystevia mobs.