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Fungal Staff
Fungal Staff
Knockback None
Durability 1130
Ammunition 5 Distortion Runes
2 Life Runes
Fire rate 0.83/sec
Fire type Fully-Automatic
Tooltip Converts all nearby grass to Mycelium
Also attempts to convert nearby Mushrooms into huge Mushrooms
Rarity color Common
Stackable No
Version added 1.1
ID aoa3:fungal_staff

The Fungal Staff is a Tier 2 staff dropped by King Shroomus.

Information[ | ]

When used, it converts any Grass Blocks in a 4-block radius into Mycelium. Fungal Staff can also make any Red and Brown Mushrooms in a 4-block radius grow into the huge versions of themselves, in the same way Bone Meal can. Fungal Staff will not work if there are no Grass Blocks or Mushrooms in Fungal Staff's area of effect.

Repair[ | ]

See Repairing

Enchanting[ | ]

See Staves#Enchanting

Obtaining[ | ]

Mob Drops[ | ]

Fungal Staff can be obtained as a drop from the following mobs: