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Foraging Icon.png

Foraging is a skill themed around obtaining items from mining.

Overview[edit | edit source]

When the player is mining certain blocks, there is a chance that an unrelated item will pop out. Foraging levels can be increased when these items appear.

The player can get the items from any block that is considered a "Rock" material, while also being a standard-shaped block that is not transparent.

The item pool changes as the player levels up. The possible rewards are as follows:

Foraging Drop Amount (With Foraging Armor) Level Requirement Foraging XP Recieved
Coal.png Coal 1-3 Lv1 20xp
Scrap Metal.png Scrap Metal 1 (2) Lv1 20xp
Gold Nugget.png Gold Nugget 1-2 Lvl 1 20xp
Ender Pearl.png Ender Pearl 1-2 Lvl 15 100xp
Gunpowder.png Gunpowder 1-16 Lvl 20 150xp
Iron Ingot.png Iron Ingot 1-3 Lvl 35 650xp
Bottle o' Enchanting.png Bottle o' Enchanting 1-4 Lvl 50 1,000xp
Diamond.png Diamond 1-2 Lv 65 3,550xp
Small Skill Crystal.png Skill Crystal(Small) 1-2 Lvl 70 4,000xp
Rosite Ingot.png Rosite Ingot 1 (2) Lvl 85 10,100xp
Gold Coin.png Gold Coin 1 (2) Lvl 90 19,800xp
Occult Pickaxe.png Occult Pickaxe 1 (2) Lvl 90 30,000xp

.*Occult Pickaxe has 1/10 the weight that the other items do.

The chances for an item to drop are as follows. If a block has a hardness value less than or equal to 1, then there is an additional 50% chance that must pass in addition to the below listed chances. If the block's hardness is greater than 1, then the chance to get an item is solely based on the below table.

Level Percentage
Lvl 1 1.54%
Lvl 20 1.82%
Lvl 40 2.5%
Lvl 60 2.77%
Lvl 80 3.44%

Tribute[edit | edit source]

In the overworld, leveling up foraging and obtaining the drops can give the player Pluton tribute points.

The amount of tribute points given decreases as the player levels up in foraging.

Level Tribute obtained
1-9 11
10-19 10
20-29 9
30-39 8
40-49 7
50-59 6
60-69 5
70-79 4
80-89 3
90-99 2
100-1000 1

Other uses[edit | edit source]

Once the player reaches level 100 foraging, the player will be able to wear the Foraging Armor.

History[edit | edit source]

Note: This history section is incomplete. Please expand upon it if you can.

Version Information
2.0 Added foraging skill.
Tslat 1.1 Reduced the iromine realmstone drops received from foraging from x2 to x1.
Tslat 1.1.3 Rebalanced foraging drops.
Diamonds now require foraging 35 and the number changed to 2.
Ender pearls can be obtained from foraging 15 and the number changed to 4.
Lunaver coins can no longer be obtained from foraging skills.
The Gold coins now require level 90 foraging but not level 70 before.
The number of Gold coins are reduced from 3 to 1.
Small skill crystals are now obtainable from level 70 foraging.
The amount of tribute the player is given per drop decreases as the player levels up.
The foraging experience of level 75, 80, 85, 88, 90 and 95 drops are now decreased from 7200xp, 9400xp, 12650xp, 17900xp, 22200xp and 30500xp to 6500xp, 8400xp, 10100xp, 14950xp, 19800xp and 24050xp respectively.
The player can now get foraging drops and experience from Shyre Rock.
3.0 Diamonds now require level 65 foraging to be mined up.
Iron Ingots can be mined up at level 35 foraging.
Iromine realmstone drops are now weighted less than the other items.
The items obtainable at level 65 foraging that change depending on the stone mined are removed.
Netherrack now drops foraging items.
3.0.1 Reduced Foraging success rate in Netherrack.
3.2 Changed the foraging drops again.
All kinds of Essences can no longer be obtained from foraging skills.
Removed iromine realmstone drops.
Scrap metals can be obtained from foraging level 1.
Occult Pickaxe can be mined up at level 90 foraging.
Occult Pickaxe has 1/10 the weight that the other items do.