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Fishing Trap Spawn is an ability associated with the Hauling skill.

Overview[ | ]

Hauling[ | ]

The Fishing Trap Spawn ability is unlocked at level 25 Hauling.

When pulling up an item or entity with a Hauling rod, there is a 10% chance that a trap table will be rolled instead of a normal Hauling table. A trap table is a harmful table that has hostile mobs or other features made to be a nuisance.

The chance to roll a trap table is decreased per level, with the trap table chance decrease being -0.05 x Hauling level. This results in a 5% chance to roll a trap table at level 100 Hauling. Level 1 does not increment this value, and the rounding of the scaling will round up at level 50 instead of rounding down, causing level 50 to give double the value.

While this ability is enabled, any Hauling exp gained is increased by +25%.

Customization[ | ]