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Firefly Staff
Firefly Staff
Damage 22  (♥×11)
Knockback None
Durability 1230
Ammunition 2 Wind Runes
2 Strike Runes
1 Fire Rune
Fire rate 0.83/sec
Fire type Fully-Automatic
Tooltip Casts a multiplying magic projectile
Rarity color Common
Stackable No
Version added 2.0
ID aoa3:firefly_staff

The Firefly Staff is a Tier 1 staff obtained from Baron Castles.

Information[ | ]

When used, it fires a projectile that ignites mobs on hit. Upon hitting a mob, 1-7 additional projectiles will fly out from the target in random directions. The extra projectiles have the same properties as the initial projectile, and will create even more projectiles if they hit a mob.

Repair[ | ]

See Repairing

Enchanting[ | ]

See Staves#Enchanting

Obtaining[ | ]

Structures[ | ]

Firefly Staff can be randomly found in the following loot chests: