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Hardness 2
Blast resistance 3
Transparent None
Luminance None
Flammable Yes
Stackable Yes (64)
Tool See #Obtaining
Rarity color Common
Drops Itself
ID See #List of fences
Version added See #List of fences

Fences are blocks in Minecraft that can be used to create a barrier.

Overview[ | ]

Advent of Ascension adds 15 different fences, one for each wood planks, and one for Twinklestone. Fences in the mod function mostly the same as they do in vanilla Minecraft.

Obtaining[ | ]

All wooden fences can be mined with any tool, but an axe is the fastest.

Twinklestone Fence can be mined with any pickaxe. Mining it without a pickaxe will drop nothing.

Crafting[ | ]

Name Ingredients Crafting recipe
3 Fence 4 of the same material +
2 Sticks
Runic Planks
Runic Planks
Runic Planks
Runic Planks
Runic Fence
Runic Fence

Usage[ | ]


List of fences[ | ]

Fence Name Made of Notes ID Version added
Achony Fence Achony Fence Achony Planks Achony Planks aoa3:achony_fence ??
Bloodwood Fence Bloodwood Fence Bloodwood Planks Bloodwood Planks aoa3:bloodwood_fence ??
Churry Fence Churry Fence Churry Planks Churry Planks aoa3:churry_fence ??
Creep Fence Creep Fence Creep Planks Creep Planks aoa3:creep_fence ??
Dawnwood Fence Dawnwood Fence Dawnwood Planks Dawnwood Planks aoa3:dawnwood_fence ??
Hauntedwood Fence Hauntedwood Fence Hauntedwood Planks Hauntedwood Planks aoa3:hauntedwood_fence ??
Irowood Fence Irowood Fence Irowood Planks Irowood Planks Generates naturally in: Professors Lab aoa3:irowood_fence ??
Lucalus Fence Lucalus Fence Lucalus Planks Lucalus Planks aoa3:lucalus_fence ??
Lunide Fence Lunide Fence Lunide Planks Lunide Planks Generates naturally in: Zal Ship aoa3:lunide_fence ??
Runic Fence Runic Fence Runic Planks Runic Planks aoa3:runic_fence ??
Shadow Fence Shadow Fence Shadow Planks Shadow Planks aoa3:shadow_fence ??
Shyre Fence Shyre Fence Shyre Planks Shyre Planks Generates naturally in: Archer Outpost, Divine Ritual Temple, Nowhere hub, Shyre Bank Stand, and Whitewashing Mill aoa3:shyre_fence ??
Stranglewood Fence Stranglewood Fence Stranglewood Planks Stranglewood Planks aoa3:stranglewood_fence ??
Toxicwood Fence Toxicwood Fence Toxicwood Planks Toxicwood Planks aoa3:toxicwood_fence ??
Twinklestone Fence Twinklestone Fence Twinklestone Twinklestone Generates naturally in: Zal Ship
Emits a light level of 15.
aoa3:twinklestone_fence ??