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Features (sometimes referred to as decorations) are decorative structures that generate randomly throughout the mod.


Although they can be seen as smaller versions of structures, features are technically considered separate from them. Features differ from structures in that features cannot be located with the /locate command, while structures can. Structures can also be multi-piece, while features cannot.

Generally, structures are more significant to the mod than features. Many structures contain required NPCs, boss altars, or exclusive content, while features are often purely decorative. This is not a solid rule, however, as features with loot and exclusive/useful content do exist.

List of features[]




  • Technically, almost every aspect of world generation not covered by structures or terrain generation is considered a "feature" (including, but not limited to, ore veins, foliage, and trees). Although this page is called "Features" for simplicity, it is dedicated to decorative structure features. Other aspects of world generation are detailed in their respective dimension pages.