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Version added 1.16.5-3.6-Public Alpha
Id aoa3:farming

Farming is a skill trained through farming-related activities.

Overview[ | ]

Training[ | ]

Farming is trained by either breaking certain crop-based blocks or by breeding animals.

Breaking crops[ | ]

Breaking most crops will give Farming xp. Crops will only give Farming xp if broken while fully grown. The amount of xp given depends on:

  • the player's current Farming level. The higher the Farming level, the more xp that is given.
  • how many stages of growth a crop has. Crops that go through more stages of growth give more xp than crops with less stages.

Breaking Melons/Pumpkins can also give Farming xp. These blocks give less xp than breaking fully grown crops. The amount of xp obtained from Melons/Pumpkins does increase as the player's Farming level increases.

Breeding animals[ | ]

The player can breed any breedable animals to get Farming xp. The amount of xp given per successful breeding attempt increases as the Farming level increases. All animals give the same amount of xp when bred.

Dryad Sprite[ | ]

Giving the right type of hoe to a Dryad Sprite will reward 5000 Farming xp.

Abilities[ | ]

Ability Unlock level Description
Fertilise Farmland 8 Treat farmland with bone meal to make fertilised farmland, boosting crop yield
Block Conversion 16 Use Wheat Seeds on Cobblestone to convert all Cobblestone within 1 blocks flat radius to Mossy Cobblestone
Level Restriction 24 Gives access to the following for Green Manure: Place block, Interact with block
Level Restriction 29 Gives access to the following for Magic Marangs: Place block
Breeding Bonus 35 Gives a 10% + 0.2% per skill level chance to spawn an extra child when breeding animals
Dryad Sprite Spawn 44 Gives a 0.075% + 0.008% per skill level chance to spawn a Dryad Sprite when harvesting crops
Harvest Replant 49 Every time the player breaks a crop, there will be a chance for it to be auto-replanted. The chance starts at 24.7% at level 49, and increases by 0.3% per Farming level.
Hoe Area Harvest 57 Gives a 10% + 0.3% per skill level chance to instantly replant crops when harvested
Block Conversion 66 Use Mushroom Spores on Grass Block to convert all Grass Block within 4 blocks flat radius to Mycelium
Level Restriction 74 Gives access to the following for Trilliads: Place block
Level Restriction 86 Gives access to the following for Thorny Plant: Place block
Level Restriction 92 Gives access to the following for Dryad's Blessing: Equip/Wear
Level Restriction 100 Gives access to the following for Helm of the Dryad: Equip/Wear

See individual pages for detailed ability information