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Extraction Device
Extraction Device.png
Hardness 5
Blast resistance 10
Transparent Np
Luminance When 0ff No, When On Yes
Stackable Yes (64)
Tool Pickaxe
Rarity color Common
Drops Itself
Version added 2.4

The Extraction Device is used to train the skill Extraction.


Extraction Devices can be mined with a pickaxe. If mined without a pickaxe, they will drop nothing. When mined with a pickaxe, it will drop itself.


Name Ingredients Recipe
Extraction Device 6 Stone Bricks + 1 Glass + Iron Trapdoor + Hopper
mcw:Stone Bricks
mcw:Iron Trapdoor
mcw:Stone Bricks
mcw:Stone Bricks
mcw:Stone Bricks
mcw:Stone Bricks
mcw:Stone Bricks
Extraction Device


An extraction device is used to train Extraction. First, the player must fill the extraction device with lava by placing lava on top of it. Then use either a stone bowl or diamond bowl on the extraction device. An example of what this should look like can be seen in the picture (right).

How to train Extraction.

Once the device is used once, a block of obsidian will appear in an air block under the device. If there is no block of air under the device, the lava in the device will not be consumed and the player will not received any items.

The obsidian that forms under the device will have to be removed to use the device again. Upon using the device, the player has a chance to actually find an item, otherwise finding nothing. As the player levels up in extraction, more items become available. These items are:

Item Level Requirement Quantity
Coal.png Coal Lv1 1-4
Flint.png Flint Lv1 1-4
Holly Arrow.png Holly Arrow Lv5 3-9
Blaze Powder.png Blaze Powder Lv10 1-4
Limonite Ingot.png Limonite Ingot Lv15 1-3
Bone.png Bone Lv20 3-10
Silver Coin.png Silver Coin Lv25 1-2
Emerald.png Emerald Lv30 1
Bottle o' Enchanting.png Experience Bottle Lv35 1-5
Rosite Ingot.png Rosite Ingot Lv40 1
Blaze Rod.png Blaze Rod Lv45 1-4
Limonite Bullet.png Limonite Bullet Lv50 1-32
MissingIcon32.png Ink Sac Lv55 1-10
Fragmented Anima Stone.png Fragmented Anima Stone Lv60 1-4
Magma Cream.png Magma Cream Lv65 2-6
Grenade.png Grenade Lv70 1-8
Diamond.png Diamond Lv75 1-2
Gem Bag.png Gem Bag Lv80 1-2
Shiny Box.png Shiny Box Lv88 1-2
Gold Coin.png Gold Coin Lv90 1
Magic Repair Dust.png Magic Repair Dust Lv95 1

Chance to obtain items at all[]

The chance for the player to obtain items at all is determined by the player's Extraction level. To determine if the player should receive an item, the game selects a random number between 0 and 99 (including 0 and 99). Then the game uses the following formula: ((102 - extraction level) / 6)^1.34. The number generated by this formula is compared against the random number of 0 to 99 found earlier. If the random number is greater than or equal to the number produced by the formula, than the player will receive an item. If it is less than the formula number, than the player receives nothing.


Experience is granted to the player's skill whenever the player finds an item in the lava. Experience may also be granted if the player finds nothing at all. All items (or nothingness) give the same experience when giving experience to the player - this is scaled up as the player levels up.

Experience is calculated with the forumula XP until next level / special value, with the special value being set in the code. Below is the list of special values placed in the denominator, based on levels:

Level Special value
1-2 5
3-8 10
9-16 20
17-25 35
26-40 60
41-60 90
61-75 150
76-98 300
99-100 500

One of the above values, based on level, is plugged into the denominator of XP until next level / special value to calculate the amount of experience the player will obtain based on the player's level. This chart is a Work in Progress

Levels 1-10 Levels 11-20
Level Experience obtained Level Experience obtained
1 11xp 11 7xp
2 12xp 12 7xp
3 6xp 13 7xp
4 7xp 14 8xp
5 8xp 15 9xp
6 9xp 16 10xp
7 10xp 17 6xp
8 11xp 18 7xp
9 6xp 19 7xp
10 6xp 20 8xp

The following graph represents the xp required to level up extraction.

Extraction Graph.png