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Energy Stone
Ambient Energy Stone
Rarity color Common
Stackable Yes (64)
Version added 2.0
ID See table

Energy Stones are items used with Imbuing.

Obtaining[ | ]

Pixon harvesting[ | ]

Energy Stones can be obtained as a drop when harvesting the corresponding Pixon with an Attuning Bowl.

Usage[ | ]

Crafting[ | ]

Item Ingredients Recipe
Imbuing Chamber 7 forge:ingots/copper (Tag) +
1 Infusion Table +
1 aoa3:energy_stone (Tag)
Copper Ingot
Copper Ingot
Copper Ingot
Copper Ingot
Infusion Table
Copper Ingot
Copper Ingot
Ambient Energy Stone
Copper Ingot
Imbuing Chamber
This recipe is shapeless; the ingredients may be placed in any arrangement in the crafting grid.

Training Imbuing[ | ]

Energy Stones can be used anywhere, consuming the Energy Stone and gaining Imbuing experience, with those from rarer Pixons giving more experience. The amount of experience gained is calculated as a fraction of the total experience needed to get from the start of the current level to the next level.

Variants[ | ]

Energy Stone Fraction of level's experience ID
Ambient Energy Stone Ambient Energy Stone 1/200 aoa3:ambient_energy_stone
Glistening Energy Stone Glistening Energy Stone 1/175 aoa3:glistening_energy_stone
Blooming Energy Stone Blooming Energy Stone 1/150 aoa3:blooming_energy_stone
Shining Energy Stone Shining Energy Stone 1/125 aoa3:shining_energy_stone
Gleaming Energy Stone Gleaming Energy Stone 1/100 aoa3:gleaming_energy_stone
Glowing Energy Stone Glowing Energy Stone 1/90 aoa3:glowing_energy_stone
Glaring Energy Stone Glaring Energy Stone 1/80 aoa3:glaring_energy_stone
Radiant Energy Stone Radiant Energy Stone 1/70 aoa3:radiant_energy_stone