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Energy is a resource primarily used as ammunition for certain weapons.


Energy has a max cap of 200. It has the fastest regeneration out of the resource bars, at 0.32 points per tick. When Energy is used, it has a cooldown of 3 seconds before it starts regenerating again.

Manual regeneration[]

Embrodium Armor and a Tablet of Energy are able to increase the regeneration of Energy. Eye Candy and Elecanyte Armor can also instantly restore certain amounts of Energy.

Mob draining[]

The Anemia and Lelyetian Caster will drain various amounts of Energy from the player upon attacking them.



All Blasters use Energy as ammunition. If the player does not have enough Energy, the Blaster cannot be used.

Additionally, Electron Maul can consume Energy on hit to increase its knockback.


The process of summoning Kror at a Kror Altar with a Charging Table on top additionally requires 200 Energy.


Energistic Axe, Energistic Pickaxe, and Energistic Shovel can have Energy manually stored into them, which is used to increase efficiency when the tools are used.


Version Information
?? Added Energy.
2.0 Removed the cooldown for regenerating Energy.
Energy has a new texture.
Lelyetian Casters and the boss Horon can now drain the player's Energy upon attacking the player.
2.4.B Energy is retextured again.
3.0 Re-added cooldown for regenerating Energy.
Energy can be made to appear/disappear with the 'O' key by default.
Energy can no longer be regenerated with a Tablet of Energy, because the Tablet of Energy has been removed.