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Enchant Entity Equipment is an ability associated with the Imbuing skill.

Overview[ | ]

Imbuing[ | ]

The Enchant Entity Equipment ability is unlocked at level 74 Imbuing.

Using a Power Stone on a player, mob, or armor stand will enchant any enchantable items they're wearing as armor or holding in their hand, consuming the Power Stone. The enchantments randomly received is equivalent to enchanting the applicable items at an Enchanting Table. For the level of enchantments received, the tier of Power Stone used determines the level, and is also equivalent to enchanting an item at certain levels in an Enchanting Table. E.G. Using a Radiant Power Stone is equivalent to enchanting an item in an Enchanting Table at level 30.

The following table displays the Enchanting Table levels each Power Stone is equivalent to.

Power Stone Level
Ambient 10
Glistening 12
Blooming 15
Shining 18
Gleaming 21
Glowing 24
Glaring 27
Radiant 30

Enchanting an entity's equipment will also grant Imbuing experience, with higher Power Stone tiers granting more xp if used. This ability cannot enchant items that are already enchanted.

Customization[ | ]