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Elite King Bambambam
Elite King Bambambam
Health 1510 (♥×755)
Size Width: 1.125 blocks
Height: 2.75 blocks
Damage Sticky Fireball:

Easy: 13.5 (♥×6.75)
Normal: 25 (♥×12.5)
Hard: 37.5 (♥×18.75)

Sticky Fireball Explosion:
Easy: 10 (♥×5)
Normal: 15 (♥×7.5)
Hard: 20 (♥×10)

Sticky Fireball Discharge:
Easy: 21 (♥×10.5)
Normal: 40 (♥×20)
Hard: 60 (♥×30)

Armor 15 (Armor icon×7.5)
Armor toughness 30
Hostility Aggressive
XP Xp Orb 168
Knockback Resistance 100%
ID aoa3:elite_king_bambambam
Version added 1.20.1-3.6.27

Elite King Bambambam is a stronger version of King Bambambam with increased stats and various behavioral changes.

Spawning[ | ]

Elite King Bambambam can be fought by using a Gold King Bambambam Trophy on a Boss Altar.

Behavior[ | ]

Elite King Bambambam is aggressive, and will attack any player within 64 blocks of him without provocation. Once King Bambambam is aggroed to a target, or a player/mob aggroed it, he will continue attempting to attack until the target moves over 100 blocks away.

Elite King Bambambam is a stationary boss that can summon different Nether mobs and fire sticky fireballs. Each attack and summon has a weight value that dictates the chances of it being used, rolled after every attack. If an attack cannot be used, its weight is not counted towards the total. Every now and then, he will become exhausted and stop attacking for a few seconds.

Elite King Bambambam is immune to damage types considered fire or explosive. He also cannot be pushed.

Sticky Fireballs[ | ]

Elite King Bambambam will charge his staff with his other hand, raise it, then twirl it around while firing several Sticky Fireballs into the air for 10 seconds. These Sticky Fireballs are affected by gravity, and will rain down to cover the area around Elite King Bambambam. If a Sticky Fireball directly hits an entity not summoned by Elite King Bambambam, it will deal Ranged attack damage, set the target on fire, and add a second to their fire time.

If a Sticky Fireball hits the ground, it will cause a concussive explosion after 4.95 seconds. This explosion has a radius of 2 blocks.

If the player is 3 blocks or closer to King Bambambam as he's about to launch the Sticky Fireballs, he will instead first point the staff at them and discharge an explosion into them, then spray Sticky Fireballs as normal. This explosion is considered concussive, has a radius of 5 blocks, and set the target on fire and add 10 seconds to their fire time.

This attack has a cooldown of 100-150 seconds before it can be used again, and has a weight of 50. After spraying all Sticky Fireballs, King Bambambam will wait 3 seconds before using another attack.

Summoning mobs[ | ]

Elite King Bambambam can summon a Little Bam, Zombified Piglin, Piglin Brute, or an Embrake to attack the same target he's aggroed to - Zombified Piglins will start off as neutral unless provoked. The mob will spawn within 5 blocks of Elite King Bambambam when summoned. Each of these summons count as their own attack. Elite King Bambambam will wave his staff around in different ways depending on what mob he's summoning. All mobs summoned by Elite King Bambambam are immune to damage types considered explosive, and have Strength III and Speed I permanently applied to them.

The Little Bam summon has a weight of 15. When a Little Bam is summoned, Elite King Bambambam will wait 4.25-4.75 seconds before using another attack.

The Zombified Piglin summon has a weight of 13. When a Zombified Piglin is summoned, Elite King Bambambam will wait 4.05-4.25 seconds before using another attack. Summoned Zombified Piglins have a 5% chance to be summoned as their baby version.

The Piglin Brute summon has a weight of 10. When a Piglin Brute is summoned, Elite King Bambambam will wait 5-6 seconds before using another attack.

The Embrake summon has a weight of 5. When an Embrake is summoned, Elite King Bambambam will wait 6.75-7.5 seconds before using another attack.

No mobs summoned by Elite King Bambambam drop items or xp. Once Elite King Bambambam is killed, any mobs summoned by him also vanish.

Gold item healing[ | ]

Whenever a mob summoned by Elite King Bambambam dies in any way, 3 random enchanted Gold items will launch out of them in random directions - the only exception to this is if a Little Bam explodes itself. These items have the same properties as dropped items, but cannot be placed into the player's inventory. The Gold items include:

  • Any piece of Gold armor
  • Any Gold tool
  • Gold horse armor
  • Gold ingot
  • Gold nugget

Once 3 seconds pass after spawning, these gold items will begin to be pulled towards Elite King Bambambam - indicated by a line of white particles connecting the items to him. When an enchanted gold item makes contact with Elite King Bambambam, he will consume the item and heal 50 (♥×25) health. Elite King Bambambam can only consume 1 gold item at a time; If multiple gold items have made contact with Elite King Bambambam, he will consume each one every 0.5 seconds.

These enchanted gold items can destroyed by left-clicking them, right-clicking them, or making contact with them to "pick up" the items. The gold items are also affected by features in the same way dropped items are, such as being destroyed by lightning, etc.

Energy and exhaustion[ | ]

Elite King Bambambam has an internal energy value that dictates whether he is exhausted or not. When he first spawns, Elite King Bambambam starts off at 150 Energy, which is what the value caps at. Energy is consumed whenever Elite King Bambambam uses attacks (with the exception of the Sticky Fireball attack, that does not consume energy) or takes damage.

Elite King Bambambam's energy will regenerates at a rate of 1 Energy every 5 ticks- or 4 Energy per second. Consuming a gold item will also restore 30 energy to Elite King Bambambam.

Elite King Bambambam loses energy is the following ways:

  • Summoning a Little Bam will consume 20 energy
  • Summoning a Zombified Piglin will consume 25 energy
  • Summoning a Piglin Brute will consume 30 energy
  • Summoning an Embrake will consume 40 energy
  • Taking damage will cause Elite King Bambambam to lose energy per hit. The amount of energy lost is based on the amount of damage taken, rounded down to the nearest whole number

Once Elite King Bambambam gets down to 0 energy, he will become exhausted. He will sit down on the ground and stop attacking/summoning for 10 seconds or until his energy reaches 150 again, in which he will get back up and start attacking again. Elite King Bambambam's energy cannot be decreased while he is sitting, and the enchanted gold items can still be consumed by him.

Final phase[ | ]

Once Elite King Bambambam has been damaged to 25% of his max health pool, he will enter a new phase where the following will occur:

  • Elite King Bambambam will gain a shield that prevents damage. This shield will automatically disappear after 24 seconds.
  • Up to 5 Hoglins are summoned. These Hoglins have Strength IV and Speed I permanently applied to them. Summoned Hoglins have a 5% chance to be summoned as their baby version.
  • 15 enchanted golden apples launch out of Elite King Bambambam. These will start to be pulled towards him after 10 seconds pass instead of 3 seconds, but otherwise have the same properties as other gold healing items.
  • Elite King Bambambam will lose all of his energy and become exhausted for 24 seconds.

This phase can happen more than once. I.E. if Elite King Bambambam is healed above the 25% threshold and gets damaged back down to 25% of his health, this phase will happen again.

Drops[ | ]

Entity loot
Item Quantity Chance
Nothing - 99.3%
Rare Table 1 0.7%
The above pool is rolled 1 time
Nowhere Boss Table 1 100.0%
The above pool is rolled 1 time
Ornate Trophy Ornate Trophy 1 100.0%
The above pool is rolled 1 time

Bestiary Entry[ | ]

This oversized swine is an evolutionarily gifted variant of the Piglin-kin residents of the Nether.

Like all Piglins, it has a particular interest in gold items, its obsession often to its own detriment.

Its unusual size does give it a proportionately impressive strength and fortitude, to which it uses in consuming certain gold items, somehow using them to gain back lost vitality. The mechanism through which it does this is unknown.

Despite being part of an infamously short-tempered species, it is unique in that it doesn't seem overly interested in direct combat. Instead, it summons helper monsters to do the fighting for it whilst occasionally throwing out lazy magical fireballs.

This particular creature is notable as being adorned with some additional gold and noticeable colourations. Observations show that these variants are particularly powerful, and often serve as a sort of 'leader of leaders' - with even the other ordinary King BamBamBams deferring to them when in conflict

Trivia[ | ]

  • The fiery parts of Elite King Bambambam's body and his staff will glow in the dark.