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Easter eggs are various secrets hidden throughout Advent of Ascension, with some being humorous. The following page lists all of the currently known easter eggs in the mod.

Item easter eggs[ | ]

Items[ | ]

The following items are officially considered to be easter eggs, with some items being associated with another easter egg item. See specific pages for individual item information.

Raw Herring[ | ]

A Wood Giant can rarely drop a Raw Cod named "Raw Herring". It is enchanted with Efficiency X and has the description "Found wedged in the mightiest tree in the forest".

This is a reference to a line from the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Structure easter eggs[ | ]

Archaic Aqueduct Arena[ | ]

In the Archaic Aqueduct Arena, at the pillar where water flows out from, there is a room with a Flower Pot holding a red Mushroom in it. This room is inaccessible in Survival/Adventure mode.

Archaic Extraction Station Arena[ | ]

There is a sign hidden inside the Archaic Extraction Station Arena that has a smiley face written on it. As it is completely blocked off, this sign is inaccessible in Survival/Adventure mode.

Aurora[ | ]

There is a sign in the Aurora parkour that reads "No cheese here" in four languages.

City Arena[ | ]

There is a hidden room in the City Arena. The player can access this hidden room by pressing a hidden Polished Blackstone Button located at X = -1470, Y = 13, Z = -960. If the button is pressed, it will open an iron door on the other side of the building. The room contains some beds, an empty lectern, an item frame with a Steak in it, and some other decorations. There is no way to reopen the door from the inside of the room if it closes on the player; the only way the player can leave after this is by using the Return Crystal or by dying.

Holiday easter eggs[ | ]

April Fools Day[ | ]

Advent GUI (April Fools)

The Advent GUI on April 1.

On April 1, the two logos inside the Advent GUI will change, and the circle logo will flip upside down.

Whenever the player gains experience, the popup that shows how much xp the player gets will be replaced with one of the following messages:

  • Xp Get!
  • ?
  • Where am I?
  • Nice!
  • -1xp
  • 5xp maybe?
  • 420xp
  • 69xp

Christmas[ | ]

On December 25th, the firing sounds of AoA ranged weapons like Guns and Blasters are changed to the sound of jingling bells.