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Prerequisite dimension The Abyss
Tier 3
Realmstone Dustopia Realmstone
Version 1.1

Dustopia is a very dark and colorless dimension.

Overview[ | ]

Accessing[ | ]

Dustopia (Night Vision)

Dustopia with Night Vision.

The Realmstone for Dustopia is obtained by spawning Shadowlord while the player is inflicted with Night Vision with a Blank Realmstone in the players' inventory.

Properties[ | ]

There is no day/night cycle in Dustopia. Respawn Anchors work in Dustopia despite the absence of a day/night cycle but Beds do not. Maps function properly in Dustopia and Clocks will spin wildly.

General dimension properties[ | ]

Property Value
ultrawarm false
natural true
coordinate_scale 1.0
has_skylight false
has_ceiling false
ambient_light 0.0
fixed_time 6000
piglin_safe false
bed_works false
respawn_anchor_works true
has_raids false
logical_height 256
infiniburn minecraft:infiniburn_overworld
effects aoa3:plain_sky

Special dimension properties[ | ]

Dustopia has no special properties.

Generation[ | ]

Dustopia has a flat landscape filled with very thick forestry and foliage. The landscape of Dustopia is almost pitch-black, making it almost impossible to see anything without some form of light by your side. Even then, the stone and wood that come from Dustopia are so blackened, the details are barely noticeable without Night Vision.

Blocks[ | ]

Naturally generating
Faded Grass Faded Grass
Blackened Soil Blackened Soil
Darkened Rock Darkened Rock
Dawn Log Dawn Log
Dawn Leaves Dawn Leaves
MissingIcon32 Water
Dimensional Fabric Dimensional Fabric
Dawn Bush Dawn Bush
Dawn Flower Dawn Flower
Dawn Grass Dawn Grass
Generates in structures
Darkwash Bricks Darkwash Bricks
Dawnwood Bars Dawnwood Bars
Dawnwood Planks Dawnwood Planks
Iron Bars Iron Bars
Primordial Shrine Primordial Shrine
Dustopian Lamp Dustopian Lamp
White Stained Glass White Stained Glass

Structures[ | ]

There are six structures that can be found in Dustopia:

Image Structure name Description
Primordial Village Primordial Village These small villages are the homes of the Primordials - Dustopia's testificates.

The Primordials come in various forms, such as the Primordial Guide, Primordial Banker, Primordial Merchant, Primordial Spellbinder and the Primordial Wizard.

Lotto Cage Lotto Cage These cages are a very common structure. Many of the cages you'll find may be empty but sometimes a Dustopian Lottoman can be found inside.
Merkyre Tower Merkyre Tower These skyscrapers are home to the Merkyre.
Primordial Shrine (structure) Primordial Shrine By activating the unlit Dustopian Lamps using Darkly Powder, then right-clicking the Primordial Shrine, players can summon and challenge the Primordial Five - the five bosses of Dustopia.
Arkzyne Outpost Arkzyne Outpost A tower with spawners at the top that spawn Arkzynes.
Crusilisk Cave Crusilisk Cave A small enclosed structure containing spawners that spawn Crusilisks.

Mobs[ | ]

The mobs in Dustopia have a very dark and macabre theme. They also blend in very well with the colorless landscape of Dustopia, making it extremely difficult to detect them. Fortunately, many of them are also very loud, so it's easy to know what enemies are nearby once you've memorized the sounds they make.

Hostile:[ | ]

Name Spawning Requirement
Arkzyne Arkzyne Spawns in Arkzyne Towers.
Basilisk Basilisk Spawns naturally
Crusilisk Crusilisk Spawns in Crusilisk Caves.
Devourer Devourer Spawns naturally
Dusteiva Dusteiva Spawns naturally
Duston Duston Spawns naturally
Dust Strider Dust Strider Spawns in groups of four when a Duston dies
Lost Soul Lost Soul Spawns naturally
Lurker Lurker Spawns naturally
Merkyre Merkyre Spawns in Merkyre Towers.
Stalker Stalker Spawns naturally

See Individual mob pages for more information.

Passive:[ | ]

Urka Urka Spawns Naturally

See individual mob pages for more information.

Npcs:[ | ]

Name Spawning Requirement
Dustopian Lottoman Dustopian Lottoman Sometimes spawns in Lotto Cages.
Primordial Banker Primordial Banker Spawns in Primordial Villages.
Primordial Guide Primordial Guide Spawns in Primordial Villages.
Primordial Merchant Primordial Merchant Spawns in Primordial Villages.
Primordial Spellbinder Primordial Spellbinder Spawns in Primordial Villages.
Primordial Wizard Primordial Wizard Spawns in Primordial Villages.
Undead Herald Undead Herald Spawns naturally

See individual mob pages for more information.

Bosses:[ | ]

Name Spawning Requirement
Primordial Five Primordial Five Spawned by lighting the Dustopian Lamps surrounding a primordial shrine with Darkly Powder then right clicking the shrine.

See individual boss pages for more information.

Resources[ | ]

Dustopia Table[ | ]

The Dustopia Loot Table consists of the following items that can be dropped by all hostile mobs and bosses in the dimension (but not the NPCs):

Entity loot
Item Quantity Looting Chance
Nothing - - 99.5%
Rare Table 1 - 0.5%
The above pool is rolled 1 time
Nothing - - 75.0%
Copper Coin Copper Coin 1-3 +-1.0-2.0 per level 25.0%
The above pool is rolled 1-3 times
Nothing - - 89.6%
Darkly Powder Darkly Powder 1 +0.0-1.0 per level 10.0%
Darkly Upgrade Kit Darkly Upgrade Kit 1 - 0.5%
The above pool is rolled 1 time

Related Advancements[ | ]

Icon Name Description Obtaining Parent ID Hidden
Advancement bgDarkly Powder A Dark Place Visit Dustopia See description aoa3:dustopia/root No