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Dryad Sprite
Dryad Sprite (wooden).png
Environment Anywhere where fully-grown crops can be broken (when Dryad Sprite Spawn is active only)
XP Xp Orb.png ?
ID aoa3:dryad_sprite
Version added 1.16.5-3.6-Public Alpha

Dryad Sprite is a mob that spawns from breaking crops.


If the player has their Dryad Sprite Spawn ability for the Farming skill active, a Dryad Sprite may rarely spawn when breaking a full-grown crop. The chance for it to spawn increases with Farming level.


Once spawned into the world, a Dryad Sprite will despawn after 5 seconds. This will happen no matter if it was spawned naturally (through a crop) or spawned with a spawn egg, etc.

Each color of Dryad Sprite has a preferred type of hoe that the player can right-click them with to receive a reward. After being right-clicked with the right hoe, the Dryad Sprite will do a little dance, and then disappear. Upon disappearing, it will drop the items given in the #Drops section, as well as give xp for both Dexterity and Farming. The hoe will not take damage, nor be consumed, when used to get the reward.

If the player right-clicks a different hoe other than a Dryad Sprite's preferred hoe, the Dryad Sprite will disappear and no reward will be given. If the player tries right-clicking any other item on a Dryad Sprite, or right-clicks with an empty hand, a chat message will display, rejecting the offer. The desired hoe of each color is listed in the below table:

Color Hoe
Brown Wooden Hoe
White Iron Hoe
Yellow Golden Hoe
Gray Stone Hoe
Blue Diamond Hoe
Red Netherite Hoe


Entity loot
Item Quantity Chance Notes
Stick.png Stick 1-5 100.0% This entry will additionally grant 500 Dexterity xp, and 5000 Farming xp.
The above pool is rolled 1 time

Bestiary Entry[]

These little magical nymph creatures dwell in the ground and plants, hiding away until they're ready to jump out and surprise whoever or whatever may be standing nearby.

They are crafty creatures, often using tricks to get their way or serve whatever purpose they may be seeking, and are known to vanish in anger at the slightest inclination.

Dryad Sprites specifically seem to like hiding in crops and other harvestable plants and jumping out at unsuspecting farmers, ready to play a game. Use the correct type of hoe on them based on the signal they give, and they might reward you.