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Drowned Lotto Stand
Drowned Lotto Stand.png
Version added 1.1
ID aoa3:drowned_lotto_stand

Drowned Lotto Stand is a structure found from L'Borean.


Drowned Lotto Stands generate on the ocean floor of L'Borean.


A Drowned Lotto Stand consists of a glass dome that is being held up by four pillars. Inside the glass dome is full of air, and contains a Boreic Lottoman.

Structure pieces[]

Structure piece Description Contents Image
aoa3:lborean/drowned_lotto_stand/drowned_lotto_stand Size: 12x17x12

The following entities are generated with this structure:
Boreic Lottoman.png Boreic Lottoman
Coral Bricks.png Coral Bricks
Glass.png Glass
Drowned Lotto Stand.png