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Divine Ritual Temple
Divine Ritual Temple.png
Biome N/A
Version added 3.5
ID aoa3:divine_ritual_temple

Divine Ritual Temple is a structure from Shyrelands.


Divine Ritual Temple generates on the surface of Shyrelands.


The Divine Ritual Temple is a ruined temple structure. The structure resembles a Greek pavillion, and has a hole in the roof, as well as plants growing inside it. A Divine Station generates in the center of the pavillion.

Structure pieces[]

Structure piece Description Blocks Image
aoa3:shyrelands/divine_ritual_temple/divine_ritual_temple Size: 19x17x19

Andesite.png Andesite
Arcbulb.png Arcbulb
Arcflower.png Arcflower
Birch Planks.png Birch Planks
Birch Slab.png Birch Slab
Block of Quartz.png Block of Quartz
Bright Grass.png Bright Grass
Bright Rock.png Bright Rock
Bright Rock Stairs.png Bright Rock Stairs
Bright Rock Slab.png Bright Rock Slab
Bright Rock Wall.png Bright Rock Wall
Cobblestone.png Cobblestone
Cobblestone Slab.png Cobblestone Slab
Divine Station.png Divine Station
Oak Planks.png Oak Planks
Petrified Oak Slab.png Petrified Oak Slab
Polished Andesite.png Polished Andesite
Quartz Pillar.png Quartz Pillar
Shyre Button.png Shyre Button
Shyre Cap.png Shyre Cap
Shyre Cap Down.png Shyre Cap Down
Shyre Crust.png Shyre Crust
Shyre Fence.png Shyre Fence
Shyre Glass.png Shyre Glass
Shyre Planks.png Shyre Planks
Shyre Slab.png Shyre Slab
Shyre Stock.png Shyre Stock
Shyre Weed.png Shyre Weed
Smooth Quartz Block.png Smooth Quartz Block
Spruce Fence.png Spruce Fence
Spruce Planks.png Spruce Planks
Spruce Slab.png Spruce Slab
Stone.png Stone
Stripped Shyre Wood.png Stripped Shyre Wood
White Shyre Bricks.png White Shyre Bricks
White Shyre Bricks Slab.png White Shyre Bricks Slab
White Shyre Bricks Stairs.png White Shyre Bricks Stairs
White Shyre Bricks Wall.png White Shyre Bricks Wall
Yellow Shyre Bricks.png Yellow Shyre Bricks
Yellow Shyre Bricks Slab.png Yellow Shyre Bricks Slab
Yellow Shyre Bricks Stairs.png Yellow Shyre Bricks Stairs
Yellow Shyre Bricks Wall.png Yellow Shyre Bricks Wall

Divine Ritual Temple.png