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A dimension is a separate realm, with different mobs and topology. In Minecraft, dimensions can be accessed by creating and teleporting through the correct portal.

The mod adds an additional 21 dimensions to the game, accessible by Ancient Teleportation. Dimensions are tiered based on how far they are from the Overworld.


A portal to the Haven dimension.

Main article: Ancient Teleportation

The primary method for accessing all of the dimensions added by the mod is through a portal made of ancient rock and carved runes. This portal can be lit with a realmstone. See the Ancient Teleportation page for more information on how to build and light the portal.

There are a total of 5 dimensions added by the mod accessible from the Overworld directly; the rest require the player to visit other dimensions in order to get to them.

Tiers and dimension order[]

Main article: Dimensional tiers

The only order to dimensions is the tier system, the player must access some dimensions to access other dimensions. Otherwise, the player is free to visit the dimensions in any order that they want. The dimension list below shows the tiers that the dimensions belong to.

List of dimensions[]

The order of the dimensions in the Blank Realmstone's GUI.

The mod adds 21 dimensions to the game.

Tier 1[]

Tier 1 dimensions are all accessible from the Overworld.

Image Dimension Prerequisite dimension Description
Barathos.png Barathos Overworld A desert dimension with fiery caverns underground.
Creeponia.png Creeponia A dimension filled with creepers.
Deeplands.png The Deeplands A cave dimension.
Lelyetia.png Lelyetia An orange forest dimension. Half of this dimension is upside-down.
Precasia.png Precasia A dimension with prehistoric-themed creatures, plants, and structures.

Tier 2[]

Image Dimension Prerequisite dimension Description
The Abyss.png The Abyss The Nether A red-colored dimension filled with tentacles and gore-like blocks.
Candyland.png Candyland Precasia A dimension with giant candy structures.
Celeve.png Celeve Lelyetia A floating island dimension populated with clowns.
Crystevia.png Crystevia The Deeplands A cavern dimension filled with glowing crystals.
Gardencia.png Gardencia Precasia A dimension with giant flowers.
The Haven.png The Haven Lelyetia A floating island dimension with colorful foliage.
Iromine.png Iromine Barathos A gold-silver colored dimension filled with different kinds of robots.
Mysterium.png Mysterium Creeponia A spherical cave dimension filled with giant, colorful mushrooms.
Vox Ponds.png Vox Ponds Creeponia A post-apocalypse dimension.

Tier 3[]

Image Dimension Prerequisite dimension Description
Dustopia (Night Vision).png
The above image is taken with Night Vision.
Dustopia The Abyss A dark forest world.
Greckon.png Greckon The Abyss A haunted dimension with towering tall cliffs.
L'Borean.png L'Borean Gardencia and
A dimension with giant coral reef structures.
Lunalus.png Lunalus The Haven and
A dimension with many mini-planets.
Runandor.png Runandor Mysterium* and
Vox Ponds
A blue-colored dimension with beautiful mountainous terrain.

Note: Runandor can be accessed by entering a portal in the Mysterium dimension.

Tier 4[]

Image Dimension Prerequisite dimension Description
The Shyrelands.png The Shyrelands Greckon and
A bright dimension with grand archways.


Image Dimension Prerequisite Dimension Description
Nowhere.png Nowhere N/A A small room with various furnished decor.

Changes to vanilla dimensions[]

The mod adds new content to the vanilla dimensions.


Main article: Overworld

The mod adds 6 news ores, 2 new structures, 47 new mobs, 1 boss, and 7 npcs to the Overworld, among other things. See the Overworld page for more information.

The Nether[]

Main article: The Nether

The mod adds 1 new ore and 2 new structures to the Nether, as well as various entities. See the Nether page for more information.

The mod adds a realmstone which can be used to open a portal to the Nether. The realmstone's portal does not apply the 8:1 conversion that the vanilla Nether portal does. The realmstone is not required to access the Nether in the mod, the player can still use the vanilla portal.

The End[]

Main article: The End

The mod adds new drops to the Ender Dragon, but otherwise does not add anything new to the End.

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