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Destroyed Store
Destroyed Store.png
Structure Type NPC Structure
Version Added 1.1

The Destroyed Store is a structure that is found in Vox Ponds.


Destroyed Stores generate fairly commonly on the surface of Vox Ponds. When the game is generating the structures, there is a 1 in 14 chance to generate one of 4 structures in a chunk. There is a 50% chance the structure generated is a Destroyed Store. The Destroyed Store will always generate on layer y = 39.


The building consists of two floors. The first floor is filled with whatever Vox Ponds foliage generated there naturally. The second floor contains a Store Vox Crate. The structure is primarily made out of Toxic Stone, Degraded Steel and Vox Glass. There is a hole in the roof. The player can break the Store Vox Crate to spawn in a Store Keeper.


All loot is obtained through trading with the Store Keeper.

Item Obtained from
Vox Cannon.png Vox Cannon Store Keeper
Poison Plunger.png Poison Plunger Store Keeper
Gas Blaster.png Gas Blaster Store Keeper
Sludge Sniper.png Sludge Sniper Store Keeper
Noxious Staff.png Noxious Staff Store Keeper
Toxin Bow.png Toxin Bow Store Keeper
Vile Vanquisher.png Vile Vanquisher Store Keeper