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Dawnlight Dungeon
Dawnlight Dungeon
Biome N/A
Consists of Whitewash Bricks Whitewash Bricks
Crystallite Bricks Crystallite Bricks
Haven Glass Haven Glass
MissingIcon32 Water
Mob Spawners
Version added 1.1
ID DawnlightDungeon

The Dawnlight Dungeon[1][2] is a structure that spawns in The Haven.

Generation[ | ]

Dawnlight Dungeons generate in the Haven. They will only generate between y = 10 and y = 35.

The default generation rate for Dawnlight Dungeons is 1 in 650 chance per chunk. Only one Dawnlight Dungeon can generate per chunk.

Structure[ | ]

Dawnlight Dungeons are small box-shaped structures with a small tower poking out the top. They are composed mainly out of Crystallite Bricks and Whitewash Bricks. Haven Glass and Water can be found inside the structure. To get into the structure, the player must pass through the tower on top. Inside are spawners that spawn the mob Dawnlight.

Mobs[ | ]

Hostile mobs[ | ]


Loot[ | ]

The following can only be acquired from the mobs in this structure

Obtained from
Bubble Horn Bubble Horn Dawnlight

Configuration[ | ]

The player is able to configure the generation rate of Dawnlight Dungeon in the mod's config file. By default the gen rate is set to 650.

References[ | ]