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Dark Bones
Dark Bones.png
Rarity color Epic
Renewable Yes
Stackable Yes (64)
Version added 2.0
ID aoa3:dark_bones

Dark Bones are an easter egg item. Originally a crafting ingredient and trading item, it was functionally removed from the mod in 3.2. Its only use is in a chain of item conversions that results in the Experiment W-801.

Like most other easter egg items, Dark Bones do not appear in the creative inventory. They are also unobtainable through /give, as they are instantly deleted when obtained in this manner.


Dark Bones are only obtainable by right-clicking Fleshy Bones on a Charging Table.


Dark Bones can be used a Mineralization Station to obtain one Rock Bones.

When used, the entire stack of Dark Bones will be consumed, but the output will always only be one item, so it is a waste to use more than one at a time.


Version Information
2.0 Added Dark Bones.
3.2 Dark Bones can be used on a Mineralization Station to create Rock Bones. Removed all prior functional uses of Dark Bones. Made Dark Bones unobtainable through /give and the creative inventory.