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Prerequisite dimension Deeplands
Tier 2
Realmstone Crystevia Realmstone.png
Version 2.2

Crystevia is a cavernous dimension themed around crystals.


Crystevia with Night Vision.

Crystevia is filled to the brim with crystals that are used as both foliage and currency.


The Realmstone for Crystevia is obtained by using a Deep Crystal on a Case Construct with a Blank Realmstone in the player's inventory.


Crystevia has no day/night cycle. Respawn anchors work in Crystevia . Beds do not work in Crystevia , but they do not explode when used. Clocks and compasses do not function properly, instead spinning wildly. The player icon on maps do not spin wildly, but maps in the Crystevia aren't very usable.

General dimension properties[]

Property Value
ultrawarm false
natural false
coordinate_scale 1.0
has_skylight false
has_ceiling true
ambient_light 0.0
fixed_time 18000
piglin_safe false
bed_works true
respawn_anchor_works true
has_raids false
logical_height 128
infiniburn minecraft:infiniburn_overworld
effects aoa3:plain_sky

Special dimension properties[]

Crystevia has no special properties.


Crystevia has a cave-based terrain generation similar to that of the Nether, though the presence of water and harmless crystals in place of fire and lava makes navigating Crystevia easier.


Naturally generating
Crystallised Rock.png Crystallised Rock
Crystal Ores.gif Crystal Ores
Dimensional Fabric.png Dimensional Fabric
Crystal Block.gif Crystal Blocks
Crystals (foliage).gif Crystals (foliage)
Generates in structures
Crystevian Bricks.png Crystevian Bricks
Crystal Creators.gif Crystal Creators
Power Station.png Power Station


There are four structures that can be found in Crystevia:

Image Structure name Description
Crystal Extension Station.png Crystal Extension Station A small structure with a Crystal Extension Shrine.
300px Crystal Transfer Structures The Crystal Transfer Structures convert Gemstones into Crystals for trading with the Crystal Trader. Gemstones are dropped by the mobs of Crystevia. There are six different kinds: Red, Yellow, White, Green, Blue, and Purple. Each Structure converts only the gemstones of its color, and has only a 12.5% (1/8) chance of succeeding.
Crystal Trading Post.png Crystal Trading Post The Crystal Trading Post is a structure that holds the Crystal Trader, who trades various crystal-themed weapons, Crystallis Armor, Giant Crystals, and Crystevia Tokens for Crystals.
Power Station (structure).png Power Station (structure) The Power Station contains the Power Station Block, which spawns the boss Crystocore when a Giant Crystal is used on it.
Crystal Lotto Overlook.png Crystal Lotto Overlook Crystal Lotto Overlooks contain the Crystal Lottoman, who trades the Crystal Maul Totem and the Crystaneer Totem for Crystevia Tokens. The totems have a small chance to drop their namesake items.


The mobs in Crystevia are known as "constructs".


Name Spawning Requirement
Construct of Flight.png Construct of Flight Spawns naturally
Construct of Mind.png Construct of Mind Spawns naturally but is rare
Construct of Range.png Construct of Range Spawns naturally
Construct of Resistance.png Construct of Resistance Spawns naturally
Construct of Speed.png Construct of Speed Spawns naturally
Construct of Strength.png Construct of Strength Spawns naturally
Construct of Terror.png Construct of Terror Spawns naturally

See individual mob pages for more information.


Name Spawning Requirement
Crystal Lottoman.png Crystal Lottoman Spawns in Crystal Outposts
Crystal Trader.png Crystal Trader Spawns in Crystal Trade Posts

See individual mob pages for more information.


Name Spawning Requirement
Crystocore.png Crystocore Spawned by using a Giant Crystal.png Giant Crystal on a Power Station.png Power Station.

See individual boss pages for more information.


Crystevia Table[]

The Crystevia Loot Table consists of the following items that can be dropped by all hostile mobs and bosses in the dimension (but not the NPCs):

Entity loot
Item Quantity Looting Chance
Nothing - - 99.5%
Rare Table 1 - 0.5%
The above pool is rolled 1 time
Nothing - - 75.0%
Copper Coin.png Copper Coin 1-3 +-1.0-2.0 per level 25.0%
The above pool is rolled 1-3 times

Related Advancements[]

Icon Name Description Obtaining Parent ID Hidden
Advancement bg.pngRainbow Druse.png The Dazzling Underground Visit Crystevia See description aoa3:crystevia/root No