Crystal Staff

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Crystal Staff
Crystal Staff.png
Type Staff
Durability 1230
Ammunition 2 Distortion Runes
5 Life Runes
Fire rate 1.67/sec
Tooltip Equally distributes the current health pool of all nearby players
Also restores a portion of the current damage taken
Rarity color Common
Renewable No
Stackable No
Version added 2.2
ID aoa3:crystal_staff

The Crystal Staff is a Tier 2 staff dropped by Crystocore. When used, it distributes the total health of all nearby players evenly among the group.

Information[edit | edit source]

Crystal Staff is a non-projectile staff that activates its effect immediately upon casting.

Its ability is as follows:

  1. The staff marks all players within a 20-block radius of the casting player.
  2. The averaged percentage of total health of all players is calculated.
  3. Increase the averaged percentage by 25%.
  4. The health is distributed evenly among all marked players.

Example[edit | edit source]

5 Players are close enough to be marked.
Player 1: 10/20 Health (50%)
Player 2: 10/20 Health (50%)
Player 3: 5/20 Health (25%)
Player 4: 15/20 Health (75%)
Player 5: 20/20 Health (100%)

Total: 60/100 Health (60%)
Increase by 25%: 75%

All players get 75% of their max health:
Player 1: 15/20 Health (75%)
Player 2: 15/20 Health (75%)
Player 3: 15/20 Health (75%)
Player 4: 15/20 Health (75%)
Player 5: 15/20 Health (75%)

Repair[edit | edit source]

See Repairing

Enchanting[edit | edit source]

See Staves#Enchanting

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

Mob Drops[edit | edit source]

Crystal Staff can be obtained as a drop from the following mobs: