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Crystal Plant
Blue Crystal Plant.png
Hardness 0
Blast resistance 0
Rarity color Common
Version added 2.2

Crystal Plants can be found forming small crystal patches in Crystevia. They give off a small amount of light.


Crystal Plants will drop themselves when mined with Silk Touch. If mined without it, they will occasionally drop the druse of their respective color.


Crystal Plants have six variants.

Block ID Drop (2%)
Blue Crystal Plant.png Blue Crystal Plant aoa3:blue_crystal_plant Blue Druse.png Blue Druse
Green Crystal Plant.png Green Crystal Plant aoa3:green_crystal_plant Green Druse.png Green Druse
Purple Crystal Plant.png Purple Crystal Plant aoa3:purple_crystal_plant Purple Druse.png Purple Druse
Red Crystal Plant.png Red Crystal Plant aoa3:red_crystal_plant Red Druse.png Red Druse
White Crystal Plant.png White Crystal Plant aoa3:white_crystal_plant White Druse.png White Druse
Yellow Crystal Plant.png Yellow Crystal Plant aoa3:yellow_crystal_plant Yellow Druse.png Yellow Druse