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Crossbows are alternative versions of Bows that also consume Arrows, along with being able to consume Firework Rockets. Unlike Bows, Crossbows must first be fully charged in order to be fired, afterwards the Crossbow must be used again to fire the Arrow/Firework Rocket. The damage a Crossbow can deal varies, and the damage values seen below is the average damage from a Crossbow shot. All Crossbows take 1.25 seconds to fully charge. Crossbows can also be used in the offhand without the need for the Brace enchantment.

Crossbows deal ranged damage.


Crossbows can be given the following enchantments:

Bolded enchantments are ones added by Advent of Ascension. Any Crossbows can be enchanted at an Enchantment Table, Anvil, or Infusion Table.

List of Crossbows[]

Below is a list of all Crossbows in the mod. By default, they are listed in alphabetical order; the order can be changed by clicking the arrows at the top of the table.

Tier 0 (Overworld)[]

Name Damage Durability Effects
Troll's Crossbow.png Troll's Crossbow 10.5 (♥×5.25) 700

Tier 1[]

Name Damage Durability Effects
Pyro Crossbow.png Pyro Crossbow 12 (♥×6) 800 Sets targets on fire
Skeletal Crossbow.png Skeletal Crossbow 12.5 (♥×6.25) 860

Tier 2[]

Name Damage Durability Effects
Mecha Crossbow.png Mecha Crossbow 15 (♥×7.5) 930
Rosidian Crossbow.png Rosidian Crossbow 14.5 (♥×7.25) 900 Occasionally leeches health from the target
Viral Crossbow.png Viral Crossbow 11 (♥×5.5) 780 Poisons targets

Tier 3[]

Name Damage Durability Effects
Lunar Crossbow.png Lunar Crossbow 16.5 (♥×8.25) 1100 Arrows have no gravity
Spectral Crossbow.png Spectral Crossbow 15 (♥×7.5) 1030 Requires no ammunition

Currently unobtainable in survival[]

Name Damage Durability Effects
Coral Crossbow.png Coral Crossbow 17 (♥×8.5) 1080 Slows targets