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Crae Statue
Crae Statue.png
Biome N/A
Version added 3.5
ID aoa3:crae_statue

Crae Statue is a structure from Shyrelands.


Crae Statue generates on the surface of Shyrelands.


The Crae Statue is a large statue structure that resembles Craexxeus' mount. Inside the mouth is a Craexxeus Altar.

Structure pieces[]

Structure piece Description Blocks Image
aoa3:shyrelands/crae_statue/crae_statue Size: 31x23x31

Block of Coal.png Block of Coal
Craexxeus Altar.png Craexxeus Altar
Quartz Pillar.png Quartz Pillar
White Shyre Bricks.png White Shyre Bricks
File:White Shyre Bricks Slab.png White Shyre Bricks Slab
White Shyre Bricks Stairs.png White Shyre Bricks Stairs
White Shyre Bricks Wall.png White Shyre Bricks Wall
Yellow Shyre Bricks.png Yellow Shyre Bricks
File:Yellow Shyre Bricks Slab.png Yellow Shyre Bricks Slab
Yellow Shyre Bricks Stairs.png Yellow Shyre Bricks Stairs
Yellow Shyre Bricks Wall.png Yellow Shyre Bricks Wall

Crae Statue.png