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Cradle of Life
Cradle of Life.png
Version added 3.5

The Cradle of Life is a feature from Lunalus.


Cradles of Life generate randomly across Lunalus.


Cradles of Life are large stone asteroids made of multiple connected spheroids. These are predominantly made of Stone, but they are dotted with Cobblestone, and ores can randomly replace the Stone blocks on the outside.

A large crack in the top of the asteroid reveals a hollow interior, covered in Lunalus foliage and trees, Vines, and Lucon Grass. Small lakes containing aquatic plants are also present.

Structure piece Description Blocks Image
aoa3:lunalus/decorations/cradle_of_life Size: 28x24x26 Stone.png Stone
Cobblestone.png Cobblestone
Lunasole Dirt.png Lunasole Dirt
Lunalyte Dirt.png Lunalyte Dirt
Lunasole Grass.png Lunasole Grass
Dirt.png Dirt
Lunide Log.png Lunide Log
Lunalyte Grass.png Lunalyte Grass
Lunicia Leaves.png Lunicia Leaves
Lunosso Leaves.png Lunosso Leaves
Blue Ice.png Blue Ice
Shroomlight.png Shroomlight
Farmland.png Farmland
File:Seagrass.png Seagrass
Water.png Water
File:Sea Pickle.png Sea Pickle
Lunalip.png Lunalip
Lucon Grass.png Lucon Grass
Lunacrike.png Lunacrike
File:Luna Globes.png Luna Globes
Vines.png Vines
Luntar.png Luntar
Lunalons.png Lunalons

Randomly replacing Stone blocks:
Coal Ore.png Coal Ore (1.00%)
Iron Ore.png Iron Ore (0.50%)
Gold Ore.png Gold Ore (0.25%)
Diamond Ore.png Diamond Ore (0.12%)

Cradle of Life.png


  • A structure with a similar concept, the Lunar Oasis, can also be found in Lunalus.
  • The Cradle of Life is the only place to obtain Lunalyte and Lunasole dirt and grass variants.