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Cooked Rainbowfish
Cooked Rainbowfish
Hunger 6 (Hungerx3)
Saturation 0.85
Effect Luck I (30 seconds)
Tooltip In addition to restoring hunger:
Heals up to 5.0 health when eaten
Rarity color Common
Stackable Yes (64)
ID aoa3:cooked_rainbowfish

Cooked Rainbowfish are food items obtained by cooking Raw Rainbowfish in a furnace.

Obtaining[ | ]

Smelting[ | ]

Item Smelt Time (Seconds) XP Ingredients Recipe
Cooked Rainbowfish 10 3 Raw Rainbowfish
Smelting animation
Raw Rainbowfish
Cooked Rainbowfish

Smoking[ | ]

Raw Rainbowfish can be processed in a Smoker to produce 1 Cooked Rainbowfish and 3xp, taking 5 seconds.

Campfire[ | ]

Raw Rainbowfish can be cooked on a Campfire to produce 1 Cooked Rainbowfish and 3xp, taking 30 seconds.

Mob drops[ | ]

If defeated when on fire, the following mobs drop Cooked Rainbowfish:

Usage[ | ]

Food[ | ]

Cooked Rainbowfish can be eaten by the player as food.

When eaten, Cooked Rainbowfish will restore some health. The amount restored is proportional to the amount of hunger restored, meaning that if eaten when almost full (such that less than the full hunger value of the food is missing), less health will be restored, with 5.0 (♥×2.5) health being restored if the entire hunger value is filled. The health restored is calculated using the following formula: 5 * min((20 - remaining hunger / 6, 1)

Cooked Rainbowfish will also apply Luck when eaten.