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Hardness -1.0
Blast resistance 1.0E9
Transparent Yes
Luminance None
Flammable No
Stackable Yes (64)
Tool N/A
Harvest level N/A
Rarity color N/A
ID aoa3:checkpoint
Version added 1.19-3.6.9

Checkpoints are blocks used to set a player's spawn point.

Obtaining[ | ]

Even when placed outside of Nowhere, Checkpoints cannot be picked up by the player.

They do not exist in the Creative inventory, and cannot be obtained with /give.

Natural generation[ | ]

Checkpoints are only found in the parkour courses in the Nowhere dimension.

Usage[ | ]

Resetting spawnpoint[ | ]

If the player makes contact with a Checkpoint while in Survival or Adventure mode, the player's spawnpoint will be set to the checkpoint's position. The player will know if the spawnpoint was successfully reset if the words "New checkpoint set" appear above the hotbar. The text will not appear if the player makes contact with a Checkpoint that their spawnpoint is already set to.

Players who are in Creative or Spectator mode cannot set Checkpoints.

If the Checkpoint is deleted after the player resets their spawnpoint on it, then dying will send the player back to the next valid spawnpoint (e.g.: a bed), and the player will see the chat message "Your checkpoint is no longer valid".

Checkpoints will clear (stop being the player's spawnpoint) if the player finishes one the parkour courses in Nowhere, or leaves the parkour course with the Return Crystal.

Other properties[ | ]

Survival mode players cannot delete a Checkpoint block by placing a block on top of it, but they can get rid of one by pushing a block into one via a piston, or by having a fluid placed on top of one. Creative mode players can place blocks in the same space as a Checkpoints just fine, similar to placing a block on a grass plant, which will override the Checkpoint.

Attempting to push a Checkpoint with a piston will delete the Checkpoint, and pulling a Checkpoint will not work.

Dropping a falling block on a Checkpoint will cause the falling block to pop into an item.

Checkpoints cannot be waterlogged. Fluids cannot flow through a checkpoint, though placing a fluid on top of one with a bucket can be used to get rid of it.