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Prerequisite dimension Precasia
Tier 2
Realmstone Candyland Realmstone.png
Version 2.3

Candyland is a dimension themed around candy.


Candyland is a tier 2 dimension. From Candyland, the player can access L'Borean.


The Candyland Realmstone.png Realmstone for Candyland is obtained by eating a Heart Fruit in Precasia when a Blank Realmstone is in the player's inventory.


Candyland has a day/night cycle like the Overworld. Maps, clocks, respawn anchors, and beds all work in Candyland, though beds do not skip the night when slept in.

General dimension properties[]

Property Value
ultrawarm false
natural true
coordinate_scale 1.0
has_skylight true
has_ceiling false
ambient_light 0.0
piglin_safe false
bed_works true
respawn_anchor_works true
has_raids false
logical_height 256
infiniburn minecraft:infiniburn_overworld
effects minecraft:overworld

Special dimension properties[]

Candyland has no special properties.


The surface of Candyland is mostly flat, with only minor elevation differences. The surface is covered in plants, and large candy-esque structures. Lakes filled with Candied Water can be found on the surface. All structures in the dimension are found on the surface.

The underground of Candyland is made of Candied Dirt, while the surface is made of Candied Grass. There is no stone in Candyland, instead the Candied Dirt extends all the way down to the bottom of the world, where a later of Dimensional Fabric exists in place of bedrock. There are no caves underground.


Blue Candy Grass.png Blue Candy Grass Blue Lollypop.png Blue Lollypop Candied Dirt.png Candied Dirt Candied Grass.png Candied Grass Candied Water.png Candied Water
Candycane.png Candycane Candy Tube.png Candy Tube Dimensional Fabric.png Dimensional Fabric Green Peppermint.png Green Peppermint Pink Candy Grass.png Pink Candy Grass
Plastic Stick.png Plastic Stick Red Lollypop.png Red Lollypop Red Peppermint.png Red Peppermint Yellow Lollypop.png Yellow Lollypop

All blocks in the above table can be found naturally generating in the world. If the player fins a block not in this list, it likely belongs to a structure. See structure-specific for more information about blocks found in structures.


Image Structure name Description
Candy Lotto Platform.png Candy Lotto Platform Generates on the surface.
Cotton Candy Tower.png Cotton Candy Tower Generates on the surface.
Gingerbird Aviary.png Gingerbird Aviary Generates on the surface.
Gingerbread House.png Gingerbread House Generates on the surface.
Infested Candy Cane.png Infested Candy Cane Generates on the surface.



Name Spawning Requirement
Airhead.png Airhead Spawns naturally.
Candy Corny.png Candy Corny Spawns naturally.
Cane Bug.png Cane Bug Spawns in Infested Candy Canes.
Cherry Blaster.png Cherry Blaster Spawns naturally.
Gingerbird.png Gingerbird Spawns in Gingerbird Aviaries.
Gingerbread Man.png Gingerbread Man Spawns in Gingerbread Houses.
Lollypopper.png Lollypopper Spawns naturally.

See individual mob pages for more information.


Name Spawning Requirement
Peppermint Snail.png Peppermint Snail Spawns naturally.
Spearmint Snail.png Spearmint Snail Spawns naturally.

See individual mob pages for more information.


Name Spawning Requirement
Candied Lottoman.png Candied Lottoman Spawns in Candy Lotto Platforms.
Undead Herald.png Undead Herald Spawns naturally.

See individual mob pages for more information.


Name Spawning Requirement
Cotton Candor.png Cotton Candor Eat a Treat Bag.png Treat Bag while in Candyland.

See individual boss pages for more information.


Ambient Pixons spawn naturally here.


Candyland Table[]

The Candyland Loot Table consists of the following items that can be dropped by all hostile mobs and bosses in the dimension (but not the NPCs):

Entity loot
Item Quantity Looting Chance
Nothing - - 99.5%
Rare Table 1 - 0.5%
The above pool is rolled 1 time
Nothing - - 75.0%
Copper Coin.png Copper Coin 1-3 +-1.0-2.0 per level 25.0%
The above pool is rolled 1-3 times
Nothing - - 90.0%
Sour Gummy.png Sour Gummy 1 +0.0-1.0 per level 10.0%
The above pool is rolled 1 time

Related Advancements[]

Icon Name Description Obtaining Parent ID Hidden
Advancement bg.pngSour Gummy.png Sweet Things Abound Visit the Candyland See description aoa3:candyland/root No


Candyland's chunk data is stored in the AoA_Candyland folder in the world's save folder in the player's Minecraft directory.