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Candy Lotto Platform
Candy Lotto Platform.png
Biome Candyland
Consists of Red Candy.png Red Candy
White Candy.png White Candy
Version added 2.3
ID CandyLottoPlatform

The Candy Lotto Platform is a Lotto Structure that generates in Candyland. It serves as the home for the Candied Lottoman and is composed of Red and White Candy.


Candy Lotto Platforms generate in Candyland.

The default generation rate for Candy Lotto Platforms is 1 in 600 chance per chunk. Only one Candy Lotto Platform can generate per chunk.



Candied Lottoman
Candied Lottoman.png


Version Information
2.3 Added Candy Lotto Platforms.
3.0 Candy Lotto Platforms can now be spawned in with the aoastructure and aoastructures commands.