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Candy Armor
Candy Armor.png
Candy Helmet.png Candy Chestplate.png Candy Leggings.png Candy Boots.png
Armor Helmet: +4 Armor
Chestplate: +9 Armor
Leggings: +7 Armor
Boots: +4 Armor
Total: +24 Armor
Armor toughness +5 Armor Toughness per piece
+20 Armor Toughness total
Durability Helmet: 649
Chestplate: 944
Leggings: 885
Boots: 767
Effect Automatically consumes food when needed
Per Piece Worn: Reduced time between consumptions
Full Set Bonus: Instant food consumption
Rarity color Common
Stackable No
Version added 2.3
ID aoa3:candy_helmet

Candy Armor is a Tier 2 armor set dropped by Cotton Candor.


When a piece of Candy armor is worn, the player will automatically consume an edible item that restores hunger, if their hunger is low enough for said food item to fill it up. The player will not slow down when food is automatically consumed. After auto consumption, the ability has a 10 minute cooldown before food is automatically consumed again.

The mechanics of which Candy armor chooses an applicable food item to consume is as follows:
1. The player's hotbar is scanned from left to right.
2. If the hotbar scan is complete and no food item was found, the player's inventory is scanned from top to bottom, left to right.
3. Finally, the player's off-hand item is checked if a food item still hasn't been found yet.

Wearing more pieces of Candy armor will reduce the cooldown between auto-consumptions, to increments of a 5/3.5 minute cooldown- depending on how many pieces are worn.

Wearing a full set of Candy armor will remove the cooldown between auto-consumptions.


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Mob Drops[]

Candy Armor can be obtained as a drop from the following mobs:


  • When Candy armor scans the player's inventory, the armor slots are also scanned if no food items are found in the player's inventory (minus offhand). This always has no effect on the scan though, since food items cannot be placed in the armor slots without cheats.