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Butchery Master
Butchery Master.png
Health 50 ( Heart.png×25)
Size Width: 0.5625 blocks
Height: 2.0 blocks
Environment The Abyss
Hostility Passive
XP Xp Orb.png 2
ID aoa3:butchery_master
Version added 2.4

Butchery Master is a passive NPC that spawns naturally in The Abyss.


Like all other roaming NPCs, Butchery Masters can despawn, and roam freely throughout The Abyss. Their despawn can be prevented by naming them using a name tag.


Butchery Master trades are always fully available by default, and don't require any additional trades to unlock more.

Price Item
Lunaver Coin.png 1 Lunaver Coin Butchery Helmet.png 1 Butchery Helmet
Lunaver Coin.png 1 Lunaver Coin Butchery Chestplate.png 1 Butchery Chestplate
Lunaver Coin.png 1 Lunaver Coin Butchery Leggings.png 1 Butchery Leggings
Lunaver Coin.png 1 Lunaver Coin Butchery Boots.png 1 Butchery Boots


Unique drops
Item Quantity Looting Chance
Base Trader Drops Table 100.0%
The above pool is rolled 1 time.

Bestiary Entry

A master of Butchery, this friendly trader roams around the Abyss looking to sell special Butchery armour to entities he believes is worthy.

Besides offering trades, he doesn't seem to like to converse much, and not much more is currently known about his origins.


Version Information
2.4 Added Butchery Master.
3.1 Reduced health from 250 to 50.
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