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Bows are ranged weapons that consume Arrows.

Overview[ | ]

Bows are a weapon class added by vanilla Minecraft. The mod adds 33 new Bows for the player to use.

As a whole, Bows still retain the same inherent qualities as the vanilla equivalent. The damage a Bow can deal varies, and the damage values seen below is the average damage from a fully charged Bow shot. Bows are capable of dishing out high damage, but slow player movement when drawn.

Bows deal arrow damage. Most Bows have the same draw speed as the vanilla counterpart, but there are exceptions.

Enchanting[ | ]

Bows can be given the following enchantments:

Bolded enchantments are ones added by Advent of Ascension. Any Bows added by the mod can be enchanted at an Enchantment Table, Anvil, or Infusion Table.

List of Bows[ | ]

Below is a list of all Bows in the mod. By default, they are listed in alphabetical order; the order can be changed by clicking the arrows at the top of the table.

Tier 0 (Overworld)[ | ]

Name Damage Draw time Durability Effects
Alacrity Bow Alacrity Bow 9.5 (♥×4.75) 1.0s 600
Ice Bow Ice Bow 8.5 (♥×4.25) 1.0s 580 Freezes targets when shot, increasing with additional shots
Void Bow Void Bow 9 (♥×4.5) 0.83s 600

Tier 1[ | ]

Name Damage Draw time Durability Effects
Baron Bow Baron Bow 12 (♥×6) 0.9s 3000 Extremely durable
Deep Bow Deep Bow 15.5 (♥×7.75) 1.17s 700 Applies glowing to the target on impact
Explosive Bow Explosive Bow 17 (♥×8.5)
4 (♥×2) (Explosive)
1.25s 900 Arrows Explode on Impact
Infernal Bow Infernal Bow 11.5 (♥×5.75) 1.0s 710 Sets Targets on Fire
Predatious Bow Predatious Bow 14 (♥×7) 1.11s 690
Screamer Bow Screamer Bow 12 (♥×6) 1.0s 665 Deals more damage when fired from above
Skeletal Bow Skeletal Bow 8.5 (♥×4.25) 0.66s 720
Skydriver Bow Skydriver Bow 14.5 (♥×7.25) 1.0s 850 Drops Acid Below the Arrow as it Flies
Weaken Bow Weaken Bow 12.5 (♥×6.25) 1.0s 700 Weakens Targets
Wither Bow Wither Bow 13.5 (♥×6.75) 1.0s 835 Withers Targets

Tier 2[ | ]

Name Damage Draw time Durability Effects
Justice Bow Justice Bow 14.5 (♥×7.25) 1.0s 920 Revenge shots deal additional damage
Mecha Bow Mecha Bow 20.5 (♥×10.25) 1.33s 930
Nightmare Bow Nightmare Bow 13.5 (♥×6.75) 1.0s 890 Fires three Arrows
Poison Bow Poison Bow 15 (♥×7.5) 1.0s 950 Poisons Targets
Rosidian Bow Rosidian Bow 15.5 (♥×7.75) 1.0s 900 Slowly Regenerates Durability When In Sunlight
Spectral Bow Spectral Bow 12 (♥×6) 0.76s 900 Requires no ammunition
Speed Bow Speed Bow 8 (♥×4) 0.5s 930
Toxin Bow Toxin Bow 14 (♥×7) 1.17s 900 Applies a long-lasting poison to targets

Tier 3[ | ]

Name Damage Draw time Durability Effects
Boreic Bow Boreic Bow 14 (♥×7) 0.76s 1190 Arrows explode on contact with water
Daybreaker Bow Daybreaker Bow 17.5 (♥×8.75) 1.0s 1180 Shooting into the sky fires a volley of arrows
Haunted Bow Haunted Bow 17 (♥×8.5) 1.0s 920 Explodes constantly
Lunar Bow Lunar Bow 17.5 (♥×8.75) 1.0s 900 Gives a small jump boost when held
Primordial Bow Primordial Bow 18.5 (♥×9.25) 1.0s 1350 Leaves a long-lasting withering cloud on impact
Runic Bow Runic Bow 20.5 (♥×10.25) 1.0s 1320 Deals minor magic damage to all nearby enemies
Slingshot Slingshot 17 (♥×8.5) 1.0s 1200 Shots Explode on Impact
Soulfire Bow Soulfire Bow 23.5 (♥×11.75) 1.33s 1100 Draws from the shooter's Spirit to empower the arrow
Empowered arrows steal health on impact

Tier 4[ | ]

Name Damage Draw time Durability Effects
Ancient Bow Ancient Bow 22 (♥×11) 1.0s 1510
Atlantic Bow Atlantic Bow 24.5 (♥×12.25) 1.11s 1480
Shyregem Bow Shyregem Bow 7.5 (♥×3.75) 0.33s 1500
Sunshine Bow Sunshine Bow 27 (♥×13.5) 1.25s 1530 Creates a flash, lighting up all creatures in the area