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Boney Dungeon
Boney Dungeon
Structure Type Dungeon
Biome Lelyetia
Consists of Boney Block Boney Block
Spikey Pillar Spikey Pillar
Iron Bars Iron Bars
Mob Spawners
Version Added 2.0

The Boney Dungeon is a structure shaped like a giant bone.

Generation[ | ]

Boney Dungeons generate uncommonly throughout Lelyetia, at y = 60. Half of the bone sticks through to the surface, while the other half is on the underside.

Description[ | ]

The Boney Dungeon is a bone-shaped structure. The ends of the bone are two rooms, made of Boney Blocks, with windows made of Iron Bars. The room found on the surface contains spawners that spawn Exoheads, while the room underneath contains spawners that spawn Rawbones.

The two rooms are connected together by Spikey Pillars.

Gallery[ | ]