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Blocks are the 3D structures that make up the world of Minecraft. Advent of Ascension adds a variety of blocks to the game.

List of blocks[]


Aromatic Dirt.png Aromatic Dirt Archaic Dirt.png Archaic Dirt Blackened Soil.png Blackened Soil Candied Dirt.png Candied Dirt
Celevian Dirt.png Celevian Dirt Coral Soil.png Coral Soil Creep Dirt.png Creep Dirt Fungal Dirt.png Fungal Dirt
Greckon Dirt.png Greckon Dirt Lunalyte Dirt.png Lunalyte Dirt Lunasole Dirt.png Lunasole Dirt Polluted Soil.png Polluted Soil
Weightless Dirt.png Weightless Dirt

Grass blocks[]

Abyssal Grass.png Abyssal Grass Aromatic Grass.png Aromatic Grass Bright Grass.png Bright Grass Candied Grass.png Candied Grass
Celevian Grass.png Celevian Grass Coral Grass.png Coral Grass Creep Grass.png Creep Grass Faded Grass.png Faded Grass
Fungal Grass.png Fungal Grass Greckon Grass.png Greckon Grass Inverted Lelyetian Grass.png Inverted Lelyetian Grass Irograss.png Irograss
Lelyetian Grass.png Lelyetian Grass Lunalyte Grass.png Lunalyte Grass Lunasole Grass.png Lunasole Grass Polluted Grass.png Polluted Grass
Precasian Grass.png Precasian Grass Runic Grass.png Runic Grass Weightless Grass.png Weightless Grass


Abyssal Stone.png Abyssal Stone Aromatic Stone.png Aromatic Stone Baron Stone.png Baron Stone Bright Rock.png Bright Rock
Coral Rock.png Coral Rock Creep Stone.png Creep Stone Crystallised Rock.png Crystallised Rock Darkened Rock.png Darkened Rock
Dense Stone.png Dense Stone Fungal Rock.png Fungal Rock Greckon Stone.png Greckon Stone Hellstone.png Hellstone
Irostone.png Irostone Lelyetian Stone.png Lelyetian Stone Polluted Stone.png Polluted Stone Precasian Lower-Rock.png Precasian Lower-Rock
Precasian Surface-Rock.png Precasian Surface-Rock Pressed Creep Stone.png Pressed Creep Stone Primed Stone.png Primed Stone Runic Stone.png Runic Stone
Weightless Stone.png Weightless Stone


Baronyte Ore.png Baronyte Ore Blazium Ore.png Blazium Ore Bloodstone Ore.png Bloodstone Ore Charged Runium Ore.png Charged Runium Ore
Chestbone Fragments Ore.png Chestbone Fragments Ore Crystal Ores.gif Gemstone Ores Crystallite Ore.png Crystallite Ore Deepslate Jade Ore.png Deepslate Jade Ore
Deepslate Limonite Ore.png Deepslate Limonite Ore Elecanium Ore.png Elecanium Ore Emberstone Ore.png Emberstone Ore Footbone Fragments Ore.png Footbone Fragments Ore
Gemenyte Ore.png Gemenyte Ore Ghastly Ore.png Ghastly Ore Ghoulish Ore.png Ghoulish Ore Jade Ore.png Jade Ore
Jewelyte Ore.png Jewelyte Ore Legbone Fragments Ore.png Legbone Fragments Ore Limonite Ore.png Limonite Ore Lyon Ore.png Lyon Ore
Mystite Ore.png Mystite Ore Ornamyte Ore.png Ornamyte Ore Runium Ore.png Runium Ore Shyregem Ore.png Shyregem Ore
Shyrestone Ore.png Shyrestone Ore Skullbone Fragments Ore.png Skullbone Fragments Ore Varsium Ore.png Varsium Ore

Ore blocks[]

Block of Baronyte.png Block of Baronyte Block of Blazium.png Block of Blazium Block of Bloodstone.png Block of Bloodstone Block of Crystallite.png Block of Crystallite
Block of Elecanium.png Block of Elecanium Block of Emberstone.png Block of Emberstone Block of Gemenyte.png Block of Gemenyte Block of Jade.png Block of Jade
Block of Jewelyte.png Block of Jewelyte Block of Limonite.png Block of Limonite Block of Lyon.png Block of Lyon Block of Mystite.png Block of Mystite
Block of Ornamyte.png Block of Ornamyte Block of Shyregem.png Block of Shyregem Block of Shyrestone.png Block of Shyrestone Block of Varsium.png Block of Varsium
Ghastly Ingot Block.png Ghastly Ingot Block Ghoulish Ingot Block.png Ghoulish Ingot Block Lunar Ingot Block.png Lunar Ingot Block Skeletal Ingot Block.png Skeletal Ingot Block

Log variants[]


Achony Log.png Achony Log Blood Log.png Blood Log Celeve Stem.png Celeve Stem Churry Log.png Churry Log
Creep Log.png Creep Log Dawn Log.png Dawn Log Eyeball Log.png Eyeball Log Haunted Log.png Haunted Log
Haunted Eye Log.gif Haunted Eye Log Haunted Eyes Log.gif Haunted Eyes Log Haunted Flashing Log.gif Haunted Flashing Log Haunted Purpling Log.gif Haunted Purpling Log
Irolog.png Irolog Lucalus Log.png Lucalus Log Lunide Log.png Lunide Log Runic Log.png Runic Log
Shadow Log.png Shadow Log Shyre Log.png Shyre Log Stranglewood Log.png Stranglewood Log Toxic Log.png Toxic Log
Vox Log.png Vox Log

Stripped logs[]

Stripped Achony Log.png Stripped Achony Log Stripped Blood Log.png Stripped Blood Log Stripped Churry Log.png Stripped Churry Log Stripped Creep Log.png Stripped Creep Log
Stripped Dawn Log.png Stripped Dawn Log Stripped Eyeball Log.png Stripped Eyeball Log Stripped Haunted Log 4.png Stripped Haunted Log Stripped Haunted Log.png Stripped Haunted Eye Log
Stripped Haunted Log 2.png Stripped Haunted Eyes Log Stripped Haunted Log 3.png Stripped Haunted Flashing Log Stripped Haunted Log 5.png Stripped Haunted Purpling Log Stripped Irolog.png Stripped Irolog
Stripped Lucalus Log.png Stripped Lucalus Log Stripped Lunide Log.png Stripped Lunide Log Stripped Runic Log.png Stripped Runic Log Stripped Shadow Log.png Stripped Shadow Log
Stripped Shyre Log.png Stripped Shyre Log Stripped Stranglewood Log.png Stripped Stranglewood Log Stripped Toxic Log.png Stripped Toxic Log


Achony Wood.png Achony Wood Blood Wood.png Blood Wood Churry Wood.png Churry Wood Creep Wood.png Creep Wood
Dawn Wood.png Dawn Wood Eyeball Wood.png Eyeball Wood Haunted Wood.png Haunted Wood Haunted Eye Wood.gif Haunted Eye Wood
Haunted Eyes Wood.gif Haunted Eyes Wood Haunted Flashing Wood.gif Haunted Flashing Wood Haunted Purpling Wood.gif Haunted Purpling Wood Irowood.png Irowood
Lucalus Wood.png Lucalus Wood Lunide Wood.png Lunide Wood Runic Wood.png Runic Wood Shadow Wood.png Shadow Wood
Shyre Wood.png Shyre Wood Stranglewood.png Stranglewood Toxic Wood.png Toxic Wood

Stripped wood[]

Stripped Achony Wood.png Stripped Achony Wood Stripped Blood Wood.png Stripped Blood Wood Stripped Churry Wood.png Stripped Churry Wood Stripped Creep Wood.png Stripped Creep Wood
Stripped Dawn Wood.png Stripped Dawn Wood Stripped Eyeball Wood.png Stripped Eyeball Wood Stripped Haunted Wood.png Stripped Haunted Wood Stripped Haunted Eye Wood.png Stripped Haunted Eye Wood
Stripped Haunted Eyes Wood.gif Stripped Haunted Eyes Wood Stripped Haunted Flashing Wood.gif Stripped Haunted Flashing Wood Stripped Haunted Purpling Wood.gif Stripped Haunted Purpling Wood Stripped Irowood.png Stripped Irowood
Stripped Lucalus Wood.png Stripped Lucalus Wood Stripped Lunide Wood.png Stripped Lunide Wood Stripped Runic Wood.png Stripped Runic Wood Stripped Shadow Wood.png Stripped Shadow Wood
Stripped Shyre Wood.png Stripped Shyre Wood Stripped Stranglewood.png Stripped Stranglewood Stripped Toxic Wood.png Stripped Toxic Wood

Wooden planks[]

Achony Planks.png Achony Planks Bloodwood Planks.png Bloodwood Planks Churry Planks.png Churry Planks Creep Planks.png Creep Planks
Dawnwood Planks.png Dawnwood Planks Hauntedwood Planks.png Hauntedwood Planks Irowood Planks.png Irowood Planks Lucalus Planks.png Lucalus Planks
Lunide Planks.png Lunide Planks Runic Planks.png Runic Planks Shadow Planks.png Shadow Planks Shyre Planks.png Shyrewood Planks
Stranglewood Planks.png Stranglewood Planks Toxicwood Planks.png Toxicwood Planks


Achony Leaves.png Achony Leaves Blood Leaves.png Blood Leaves Celevus Leaves.gif Celevus Leaves Churry Leaves.png Churry Leaves
Creep Leaves.png Creep Leaves Dawn Leaves.png Dawn Leaves Haunted Leaves.png Haunted Leaves Haven Leaves.gif Haven Leaves
Irodust Leaves.png Irodust Leaves Irogold Leaves.png Irogold Leaves Lucalus Leaves.png Lucalus Leaves Lunicia Leaves.png Lunicia Leaves
Lunosso Leaves.png Lunosso Leaves Runic Leaves.png Runic Leaves Shadow Leaves.png Shadow Leaves Shadowblood Leaves.png Shadowblood Leaves
Shyre Leaves.png Shyre Leaves Stranglewood Leaves.png Stranglewood Leaves Vein Leaves.png Vein Leaves


Achony Sapling.png Achony Sapling Bloodtwister Sapling.png Bloodtwister Sapling Blue Celevus Sapling.png Blue Celevus Sapling Blue Haven Sapling.png Blue Haven Sapling
Bright Shyre Sapling.png Bright Shyre Sapling Churry Sapling.png Churry Sapling Creep Sapling.png Creep Sapling Dawnwood Sapling.png Dawnwood Sapling
Eye Hanger Sapling.png Eye Hanger Sapling Eyebush Sapling.png Eyebush Sapling Green Celevus Sapling.png Green Celevus Sapling Haunted Sapling.png Haunted Sapling
Irodust Sapling.png Irodust Sapling Irogold Sapling.png Irogold Sapling Lucalus Sapling.png Lucalus Sapling Lunicia Sapling.png Lunicia Sapling
Lunosso Sapling.png Lunosso Sapling Pink Haven Sapling.png Pink Haven Sapling Purple Celevus Sapling.png Purple Celevus Sapling Purple Haven Sapling.png Purple Haven Sapling
Red Celevus Sapling.png Red Celevus Sapling Red Haven Sapling.png Red Haven Sapling Runic Sapling.png Runic Sapling Shadow Sapling.png Shadow Sapling
Shyre Sapling.png Shyre Sapling Stranglewood Sapling.png Stranglewood Sapling Turquoise Haven Sapling.png Turquoise Haven Sapling Yellow Celevus Sapling.png Yellow Celevus Sapling
Yellow Haven Sapling.png Yellow Haven Sapling


Non-stacking foliage[]

The following table shows all plants that do not stack on top of each other:

Arcbulb.png Arcbulb Arcflower.png Arcflower Blue Candy Grass.png Blue Candy Grass Blue Celevians.png Blue Celevians
Blue Crystal Plant.png Blue Crystal Plant Blue Daylooms.png Blue Daylooms Blue Glowshroom.png Blue Glowshroom Blue Ocealites.png Blue Ocealites
Bureal Stocks.png Bureal Stocks Candycane.png Candycane Creep Bush.png Creep Bush Creep Flowers.png Creep Flowers
Daileers.png Daileers Dawn Bush.png Dawn Bush Dawn Flower.png Dawn Flower Dawn Grass.png Dawn Grass
Dead Grass.png Dead Grass Deep Blooms.png Deep Blooms Deep Grass.png Deep Grass Green Crystal Plant.png Green Crystal Plant
Green Glowshroom.png Green Glowshroom Green Waterweeds.png Green Waterweeds Haunted Flower.png Haunted Flower Haven Grass Plant.png Haven Grass Plant
Horizon Daisies.png Horizon Daisies Irotops.png Irotops Iro Grass.png Iro Grass Lelyetian Weeds.png Lelyetian Weeds
Lelyetian Weeds Down.png Lelyetian Weeds Down Lucon Grass.png Lucon Grass Lunalip.png Lunalip Luntar.png Luntar
Lurchians.png Lurchians Lylips.png Lylips Magias.png Magias Mystic Bush.png Mystic Bush
Mystic Ferns.png Mystic Ferns Orange Glowshroom.png Orange Glowshroom Pink Candy Grass.png Pink Candy Grass Pink Daylooms.png Pink Daylooms
Purple Celevians.png Purple Celevians Purple Crystal Plant.png Purple Crystal Plant Purple Glowshroom.png Purple Glowshroom Rainbow Grass.png Rainbow Grass
Red Celevians.png Red Celevians Red Crystal Plant.png Red Crystal Plant Red Waterweeds.png Red Waterweeds Rune Bulbs.png Rune Bulbs
Runic Bush.png Runic Bush Shyre Weed.png Shyre Weed Tangle Thorns.png Tangle Thorns Trilliad Bloom.png Trilliad Bloom
Tubeicles.png Tubeicles White Celevians.png White Celevians White Crystal Plant.png White Crystal Plant White Waterweeds.png White Waterweeds
Yellow Crystal Plant.png Yellow Crystal Plant Yellow Daylooms.png Yellow Daylooms Yellow Glowshroom.png Yellow Glowshroom Yellow Waterweeds.png Yellow Waterweeds

Stacking foliage[]

The following table shows all plants that involve stacking on top of each other:

Ancient Vines.png Ancient Vines Ancient Vines Cap.png Ancient Vines Cap Blood Pine.png Blood Pine Blood Pine Stem.png Blood Pine Stem
Blood Spikes.png Blood Spikes Blood Strands.png Blood Strands Blue Havendales.png Blue Havendales Blue Havendales Stem.png Blue Havendales Stem
Blue Lollypop.png Blue Lollypop Bulb Stock.png Bulb Stock Bulb Stock Cap.png Bulb Stock Cap Candy Tube.png Candy Tube
Celebulbs Stem.png Celebulbs Stem Coral Cage.png Coral Cage Dawnwood Bars.png Dawnwood Bars Eye Shrub.png Eye Shrub
Eye Shrub Stem.png Eye Shrub Stem Garden Grass.png Garden Grass Green Celebulbs.png Green Celebulbs Green Peppermint.png Green Peppermint
Lelyetian Stem.png Lelyetian Stem Lelyetian Stem Cap.png Lelyetian Stem Cap Lelyetian Stem Cap Down.png Lelyetian Stem Cap Down Lelyetian Wiggler.png Lelyetian Wiggler
Lelyetian Wiggler Bottom.png Lelyetian Wiggler Bottom Lelyetian Wiggler Top.png Lelyetian Wiggler Top Pink Havendales.png Pink Havendales Pink Havendales Stem.png Pink Havendales Stem
Plastic Stick.png Plastic Stick Red Lollypop.png Red Lollypop Red Peppermint.png Red Peppermint Shyre Cap.png Shyre Cap
Shyre Cap Down.png Shyre Cap Down Shyre Stock.png Shyre Stock Vox Fungi.png Vox Fungi Vox Fungi Stem.png Vox Fungi Stem
Vox Tentacles.png Vox Tentacles Vox Tentacles Stem.png Vox Tentacles Stem Yellow Celebulbs.png Yellow Celebulbs Yellow Havendales.png Yellow Havendales
Yellow Havendales Stem.png Yellow Havendales Stem Yellow Lollypop.png Yellow Lollypop


Creep Vines.png Creep Vines


Blue Crystal Block.png Blue Crystal Block Green Crystal Block.png Green Crystal Block Purple Crystal Block.png Purple Crystal Block Red Crystal Block.png Red Crystal Block
White Crystal Block.png White Crystal Block Yellow Crystal Block.png Yellow Crystal Block

Mushroom blocks[]

Black Mushroom Block.png Black Mushroom Block Blue Mushroom Block.png Blue Mushroom Block Green Mushroom Block.png Green Mushroom Block Orange Mushroom Block.png Orange Mushroom Block
Purple Mushroom Block.png Purple Mushroom Block Yellow Mushroom Block.png Yellow Mushroom Block

Mushroom stems[]

Black Mushroom Stem.png Black Mushroom Stem Blue Mushroom Stem.png Blue Mushroom Stem Green Mushroom Stem.png Green Mushroom Stem Orange Mushroom Stem.png Orange Mushroom Stem
Purple Mushroom Stem.png Purple Mushroom Stem Yellow Mushroom Stem.png Yellow Mushroom Stem


Blue Shroom.png Blue Shroom Green Shroom.png Green Shroom Orange Shroom.png Orange Shroom Purple Shroom.png Purple Shroom
Shroom Stem.png Shroom Stem Vox Shroom.png Vox Shroom Yellow Shroom.png Yellow Shroom


Black Petals.png Black Petals Blue Petals.png Blue Petals Light Blue Petals.png Light Blue Petals Magenta Petals.png Magenta Petals
Purple Petals.png Purple Petals Red Petals.png Red Petals Rose Petals.png Rose Petals Yellow Petals.png Yellow Petals


Archaic Tile.png Archaic Tile Archaic Tile Node.png Archaic Tile Node Archaic Tile (Small).png Archaic Tile (Small) Archaic Tile Stream.png Archaic Tile Stream
Baron Stone Bricks.png Baron Stone Bricks Baron Tiles.png Baron Tiles Black Mysterium Bricks.png Black Mysterium Bricks Bloodstone Bricks.png Bloodstone Bricks
Chiselled Runic Stone Bricks.png Chiselled Runic Stone Bricks Coral Bricks.png Coral Bricks Creeponian Bricks.png Creeponian Bricks Crystallite Bricks.png Crystallite Bricks
Crystevian Bricks.png Crystevian Bricks Dark Bricks.png Dark Bricks Darkwash Bricks.png Darkwash Bricks Gardencian Bricks.png Gardencian Bricks
Greckon Bricks.png Greckon Bricks Green Mysterium Bricks.png Green Mysterium Bricks Haunted Bricks.png Haunted Bricks Hellstone Bricks.png Hellstone Bricks
Iro Dotted Bricks.png Iro Dotted Bricks Iro Striped Bricks.png Iro Striped Bricks Lelyetian Bricks.png Lelyetian Bricks Lunar Bricks.png Lunar Bricks
Rosidian Bricks.png Rosidian Bricks Runic Stone Bricks.png Runic Stone Bricks Skeletal Bricks.png Skeletal Bricks Whitewash Bricks.png Whitewash Bricks
White Shyre Bricks.png White Shyre Bricks Yellow Shyre Bricks.png Yellow Shyre Bricks


Intricate ivory[]

Intricate Amethyst Ivory.png Intricate Amethyst Ivory Intricate Ivory.png Intricate Ivory Intricate Jade Ivory.png Intricate Jade Ivory Intricate Limonite Ivory.png Intricate Limonite Ivory
Intricate Rosite Ivory.png Intricate Rosite Ivory Intricate Sapphire Ivory.png Intricate Sapphire Ivory

Natural ivory[]

Natural Amethyst Ivory.png Natural Amethyst Ivory Natural Ivory.png Natural Ivory Natural Jade Ivory.png Natural Jade Ivory Natural Limonite Ivory.png Natural Limonite Ivory
Natural Rosite Ivory.png Natural Rosite Ivory Natural Sapphire Ivory.png Natural Sapphire Ivory

Ornate ivory[]

Ornate Amethyst Ivory.png Ornate Amethyst Ivory Ornate Ivory.png Ornate Ivory Ornate Jade Ivory.png Ornate Jade Ivory Ornate Limonite Ivory.png Ornate Limonite Ivory
Ornate Rosite Ivory.png Ornate Rosite Ivory Ornate Sapphire Ivory.png Ornate Sapphire Ivory

Patterned ivory[]

Patterned Amethyst Ivory.png Patterned Amethyst Ivory Patterned Ivory.png Patterned Ivory Patterned Jade Ivory.png Patterned Jade Ivory Patterned Limonite Ivory.png Patterned Limonite Ivory
Patterned Rosite Ivory.png Patterned Rosite Ivory Patterned Sapphire Ivory.png Patterned Sapphire Ivory


Baron Carpet.png Baron Carpet Borean Carpet.png Borean Carpet Gardencian Carpet.png Gardencian Carpet Iro Carpet.png Iro Carpet
Lunar Carpet.png Lunar Carpet


Abyssal Glass.png Abyssal Glass Ancient Glass.png Ancient Glass Aquatic Glass.png Aquatic Glass Archaic Glass.png Archaic Glass
Baron Glass.png Baron Glass Decayed Glass.png Decayed Glass Gardencian Glass.png Gardencian Glass Haven Glass.png Haven Glass
Iro Glass.png Iro Glass Lelyetian Glass.png Lelyetian Glass Lunar Glass.png Lunar Glass Runic Glass.png Runic Glass
Shyre Glass.png Shyre Glass Vox Glass.png Vox Glass Zhinx Glass.png Zhinx Glass


These are blocks that emit light, but only when powered by a redstone signal.

Amethyst Lamp.png Amethyst Lamp Aquatic Lamp.png Aquatic Lamp Baronyte Lamp.png Baronyte Lamp Blazium Lamp.png Blazium Lamp
Bloodstone Lamp.png Bloodstone Lamp Crystallite Lamp.png Crystallite Lamp Dustopian Lamp.png Dustopian Lamp Elecanium Lamp.png Elecanium Lamp
Emberstone Lamp.png Emberstone Lamp Fire Lamp.png Fire Lamp Ghastly Lamp.png Ghastly Lamp Ghoulish Lamp.png Ghoulish Lamp
Iro Lamp.png Iro Lamp Jade Lamp.png Jade Lamp Lapis Lamp.png Lapis Lamp Limonite Lamp.png Limonite Lamp
Lunar Lamp.png Lunar Lamp Lyon Lamp.png Lyon Lamp Mystic Lamp.png Mystic Lamp Neon Lamp.png Neon Lamp
Neon Lapis Lamp.png Neon Lapis Lamp Skeletal Lamp.png Skeletal Lamp Varsium Lamp.png Varsium Lamp

Ivory lamps[]

Ivory Lamp.png Ivory Lamp Ivory Amethyst Lamp.png Ivory Amethyst Lamp Ivory Jade Lamp.png Ivory Jade Lamp Ivory Lapis Lamp.png Ivory Lapis Lamp
Ivory Limonite Lamp.png Ivory Limonite Lamp Ivory Redstone Lamp.png Ivory Redstone Lamp

Stained-glass lamps[]

Aqua Stained-Glass Lamp.png Aqua Stained-Glass Lamp Black Stained-Glass Lamp.png Black Stained-Glass Lamp Blue Stained-Glass Lamp.png Blue Stained-Glass Lamp Brown Stained-Glass Lamp.png Brown Stained-Glass Lamp
Cyan Stained-Glass Lamp.png Cyan Stained-Glass Lamp Dark Grey Stained-Glass Lamp.png Dark Grey Stained-Glass Lamp Green Stained-Glass Lamp.png Green Stained-Glass Lamp Grey Stained-Glass Lamp.png Grey Stained-Glass Lamp
Lime Stained-Glass Lamp.png Lime Stained-Glass Lamp Magenta Stained-Glass Lamp.png Magenta Stained-Glass Lamp Orange Stained-Glass Lamp.png Orange Stained-Glass Lamp Pink Stained-Glass Lamp.png Pink Stained-Glass Lamp
Purple Stained-Glass Lamp.png Purple Stained-Glass Lamp Red Stained-Glass Lamp.png Red Stained-Glass Lamp White Stained-Glass Lamp.png White Stained-Glass Lamp Yellow Stained-Glass Lamp.png Yellow Stained-Glass Lamp


These are blocks that serve as constant light sources.

Archaic Light.png Archaic Light Creep Crystal.png Creep Crystal Darkstone.png Darkstone Deep Crystal.png Deep Crystal
Hive Light.png Hive Light Steel Light.gif Steel Light Twinklestone.png Twinklestone Vox Light.png Vox Light


Archaic Ladder.png Archaic Ladder


Energy Banner.png Banner

Miscellaneous blocks[]

Ancient Rock.png Ancient Rock Ancient Tile Core.png Ancient Tile Core Ancient Tile Shrine.png Ancient Tile Shrine Aqua Cotton Candy.png Aqua Cotton Candy
Baron Ground.png Baron Ground Black Ancient Tile.png Black Ancient Tile Chocolate Block.png Chocolate Block Crate.png Crate
Dark Chocolate Block.png Dark Chocolate Block Deep Case.png Deep Case Degraded Steel.png Degraded Steel Eye Block.png Eye Block
Flower Core.png Flower Core Giant Plant Stem.png Giant Plant Stem Gingerbread.png Gingerbread Green Ancient Tile.png Green Ancient Tile
Green Candy.png Green Candy Hive Wall.png Hive Wall Iro Crate.png Iro Crate Iropole.png Iropole
Kaiyu Temple Block.png Kaiyu Temple Block Lunar Pad.png Lunar Pad Lunar Pillar.png Lunar Pillar Paravite Hive.png Paravite Hive
Pink Cotton Candy.png Pink Cotton Candy Plastic.png Plastic Red Candy.png Red Candy Shyre Cloud.png Shyre Cloud
Spikey Pillar.png Spikey Pillar Tentacle.png Tentacle Tentacle Green.png Tentacle Green Toxic Block.png Toxic Block
Vox Crate.png Vox Crate Vox Store Crate.png Vox Store Crate White Ancient Tile.png White Ancient Tile White Candy.png White Candy
White Chocolate Block.png White Chocolate Block

Boss altars[]

Army Block.png Army Block Baroness Altar.png Baroness Altar Clunkhead Altar.png Clunkhead Altar Craexxeus Altar.png Craexxeus Altar
Creep Altar.png Creep Altar Dracyon Altar.png Dracyon Altar Graw Altar.png Graw Altar Guardian Altar.png Guardian Altar
Hive Spawner.png Hive Spawner Illusion Altar.png Illusion Altar Kror Altar.png Kror Altar MechBot Altar.png MechBot Altar
Power Station.png Power Station Primordial Shrine.png Primordial Shrine Shadow Altar.png Shadow Altar Vinocorne Shrine.png Vinocorne Shrine
Voxxulon Altar.png Voxxulon Altar

Carved runes[]

Carved Rune of Direction.png Carved Rune of Direction Carved Rune of Power.png Carved Rune of Power Carved Rune of Reality.png Carved Rune of Reality Carved Rune of Space.png Carved Rune of Space
Carved Rune of Travel.png Carved Rune of Travel


Damage Enhancer.png Damage Enhancer Divine Enhancer.png Divine Enhancer Durability Enhancer.png Durability Enhancer Luck Enhancer.png Luck Enhancer
Magical Enhancer.png Magic Enhancer Resistance Enhancer.png Resistance Enhancer Speed Enhancer.png Speed Enhancer Weight Enhancer.png Weight Enhancer


Abyss Portal.gif Abyss Portal Barathos Portal.gif Barathos Portal Candyland Portal.gif Candyland Portal Celeve Portal.gif Celeve Portal
Creeponia Portal.gif Creeponia Portal Crystevia Portal.gif Crystevia Portal Deeplands Portal.gif Deeplands Portal Dustopia Portal.gif Dustopia Portal
Gardencia Portal.gif Gardencia Portal Greckon Portal.gif Greckon Portal Haven Portal.gif Haven Portal Iromine Portal.gif Iromine Portal
L'Borean Portal.gif L'Borean Portal Lelyetia Portal.gif Lelyetia Portal Lunalus Portal.gif Lunalus Portal Mysterium Portal.gif Mysterium Portal
40px Nether Portal Nowhere Portal.gif Nowhere Portal Precasia Portal.gif Precasia Portal Runandor Portal.gif Runandor Portal
Shyrelands Portal.gif Shyrelands Portal Vox Ponds Portal.gif Vox Ponds Portal


Gold Trophy.png Gold Trophy Ornate Trophy.png Ornate Trophy Trophy.png Trophy

Utility blocks[]

Charging Table.png Charging Table Creation Forge.png Creation Forge Crystal Creators.gif Crystal Creator Crystal Extension Shrine.png Crystal Extension Shrine
Divine Station.png Divine Station Frame Bench.png Frame Bench Haunting Table.png Haunting Table Infusion Table.png Infusion Table
Mineralization Station.png Mineralization Table Lunar Creation Table.png Lunar Creation Table Mending Table.png Mending Table Petal Crafting Station.png Petal Crafting Station
Rune Randomizer.png Rune Randomizer Runic Block.png Runic Block Tea Sink.png Tea Sink Whitewashing Table.png Whitewashing Table


BubbleBerryPlant.png Bubble Berry Plant ChiliPlant.png Chili Plant EyeBulbPlant.png Eye Bulb Plant Floracles.png Floracles
Goldicaps.png Goldicaps HeartFruitPlant.png Heart Fruit Plant LunacrikePlant.png Lunacrike Plant LunaglobePlant.png Luna Globe Plant
Lunalon Plant.png Lunalon Plant MagicMarangPlant.png Magic Marang Plant MysticShroomsPlant.png Mystic Shroom Plant RosidonsPlant.png Rosidon Plant
TeaPlant.png Tea Plant ThornPlant.png Thorn Plant Trilliads.png Trilliads


Candied Water.png Candied Water Clear Water.png Clear Water Toxic Waste.png Toxic Waste

Technical blocks[]

Dimensional Fabric.png Dimensional Fabric Living Growth (age 5).png Living Growth

Variant blocks[]


Brick slabs[]
Baron Bricks Slab.png Baron Bricks Slab Black Mysterium Bricks Slab.png Black Mysterium Bricks Slab Bloodstone Bricks Slab.png Bloodstone Bricks Slab Coral Bricks Slab.png Coral Bricks Slab
Creeponia Bricks Slab.png Creeponia Bricks Slab Crystallite Bricks Slab.png Crystallite Bricks Slab Crystevia Bricks Slab.png Crystevia Bricks Slab Dark Bricks Slab.png Dark Bricks Slab
Darkwash Bricks Slab.png Darkwash Bricks Slab Gardencia Bricks Slab.png Gardencia Bricks Slab Greckon Bricks Slab.png Greckon Bricks Slab Green Mysterium Bricks Slab.png Green Mysterium Bricks Slab
Haunted Bricks Slab.png Haunted Bricks Slab Iro Dotted Bricks Slab.png Iro Dotted Bricks Slab Iro Striped Bricks Slab.png Iro Striped Bricks Slab Lelyetian Bricks Slab.png Lelyetian Bricks Slab
Lunar Bricks Slab.png Lunar Bricks Slab Rosidian Bricks Slab.png Rosidian Bricks Slab Runic Construct Bricks Slab.png Runic Construct Bricks Slab Skeletal Bricks Slab.png Skeletal Bricks Slab
White Shyre Bricks Slab.png White Shyre Bricks Slab Whitewash Bricks Slab.png Whitewash Bricks Slab Yellow Shyre Bricks Slab.png Yellow Shyre Bricks Slab
Ivory slabs[]
Intricate Amethyst Ivory Slab.png Intricate Amethyst Ivory Slab Intricate Ivory Slab.png Intricate Ivory Slab Intricate Jade Ivory Slab.png Intricate Jade Ivory Slab Intricate Limonite Ivory Slab.png Intricate Limonite Ivory Slab
Intricate Rosite Ivory Slab.png Intricate Rosite Ivory Slab Intricate Sapphire Ivory Slab.png Intricate Sapphire Ivory Slab Natural Amethyst Ivory Slab.png Natural Amethyst Ivory Slab Natural Ivory Slab.png Natural Ivory Slab
Natural Jade Ivory Slab.png Natural Jade Ivory Slab Natural Limonite Ivory Slab.png Natural Limonite Ivory Slab Natural Rosite Ivory Slab.png Natural Rosite Ivory Slab Natural Sapphire Ivory Slab.png Natural Sapphire Ivory Slab
Ornate Amethyst Ivory Slab.png Ornate Amethyst Ivory Slab Ornate Ivory Slab.png Ornate Ivory Slab Ornate Jade Ivory Slab.png Ornate Jade Ivory Slab Ornate Limonite Ivory Slab.png Ornate Limonite Ivory Slab
Ornate Rosite Ivory Slab.png Ornate Rosite Ivory Slab Ornate Sapphire Ivory Slab.png Ornate Sapphire Ivory Slab Patterned Amethyst Ivory Slab.png Patterned Amethyst Ivory Slab Patterned Ivory Slab.png Patterned Ivory Slab
Patterned Jade Ivory Slab.png Patterned Jade Ivory Slab Patterned Limonite Ivory Slab.png Patterned Limonite Ivory Slab Patterned Rosite Ivory Slab.png Patterned Rosite Ivory Slab Patterned Sapphire Ivory Slab.png Patterned Sapphire Ivory Slab
Stone slabs[]
Abyssal Stone Slab.png Abyssal Stone Slab Aromatic Stone Slab.png Aromatic Stone Slab Baron Stone Slab.png Baron Stone Slab Bright Rock Slab.png Bright Rock Slab
Coral Rock Slab.png Coral Rock Slab Creep Stone Slab.png Creep Stone Slab Crystallised Rock Slab.png Crystallised Rock Slab Darkened Rock Slab.png Darkened Rock Slab
Dense Stone Slab.png Dense Stone Slab Fungal Rock Slab.png Fungal Rock Slab Greckon Stone Slab.png Greckon Stone Slab Hellstone Slab.png Hellstone Slab
Irostone Slab.png Irostone Slab Lelyetian Stone Slab.png Lelyetian Stone Slab Polluted Stone Slab.png Polluted Stone Slab Precasian Lower-Rock Slab.png Precasian Lower-Rock Slab
Precasian Surface-Rock Slab.png Precasian Surface-Rock Slab Pressed Creep Stone Slab.png Pressed Creep Stone Slab Primed Stone Slab.png Primed Stone Slab Runic Stone Slab.png Runic Stone Slab
Weightless Stone Slab.png Weightless Stone Slab
Wooden slabs[]
Achony Slab.png Achony Slab Bloodwood Slab.png Bloodwood Slab Churry Slab.png Churry Slab Creep Slab.png Creep Slab
Dawnwood Slab.png Dawnwood Slab Hauntedwood Slab.png Hauntedwood Slab Irowood Slab.png Irowood Slab Lucalus Slab.png Lucalus Slab
Lunide Slab.png Lunide Slab Runic Slab.png Runic Slab Shadow Slab.png Shadow Slab Shyre Slab.png Shyre Slab
Stranglewood Slab.png Stranglewood Slab Toxicwood Slab.png Toxicwood Slab


Brick stairs[]
40px Baron Bricks Stairs Bloodstone Bricks Stairs.png Bloodstone Bricks Stairs Coral Bricks Stairs.png Coral Bricks Stairs Creeponia Bricks Stairs.png Creeponia Bricks Stairs
Crystallite Bricks Stairs.png Crystallite Bricks Stairs Crystevia Bricks Stairs.png Crystevia Bricks Stairs Dark Bricks Stairs.png Dark Bricks Stairs Darkwash Bricks Stairs.png Darkwash Bricks Stairs
Gardencia Bricks Stairs.png Gardencia Bricks Stairs Greckon Bricks Stairs.png Greckon Bricks Stairs Haunted Bricks Stairs.png Haunted Bricks Stairs Iro Dotted Bricks Stairs.png Iro Dotted Bricks Stairs
Iro Striped Bricks Stairs.png Iro Striped Bricks Stairs Lelyetian Bricks Stairs.png Lelyetia Bricks Stairs Lunar Bricks Stairs.png Lunar Bricks Stairs Black Mysterium Bricks Stairs.png Mysterium Black Bricks Stairs
Green Mysterium Bricks Stairs.png Mysterium Green Bricks Stairs Rosidian Bricks Stairs.png Rosidian Bricks Stairs Runic Construct Bricks Stairs.png Runic Construct Bricks Stairs Skeletal Bricks Stairs.png Skeletal Bricks Stairs
Whitewash Bricks Stairs.png Whitewash Bricks Stairs White Shyre Bricks Stairs.png White Shyre Bricks Stairs Yellow Shyre Bricks Stairs.png Yellow Shyre Bricks Stairs
Ivory stairs[]
Intricate Amethyst Ivory Stairs.png Intricate Amethyst Ivory Stairs Intricate Ivory Stairs.png Intricate Ivory Stairs Intricate Jade Ivory Stairs.png Intricate Jade Ivory Stairs Intricate Limonite Ivory Stairs.png Intricate Limonite Ivory Stairs
Intricate Rosite Ivory Stairs.png Intricate Rosite Ivory Stairs Intricate Sapphire Ivory Stairs.png Intricate Sapphire Ivory Stairs Natural Amethyst Ivory Stairs.png Natural Ivory Stairs Natural Ivory Stairs.png Natural Ivory Stairs
Natural Jade Ivory Stairs.png Natural Jade Ivory Stairs Natural Limonite Ivory Stairs.png Natural Limonite Ivory Stairs Natural Rosite Ivory Stairs.png Natural Rosite Ivory Stairs Natural Sapphire Ivory Stairs.png Natural Sapphire Ivory Stairs
Ornate Amethyst Ivory Stairs.png Ornate Amethyst Ivory Stairs Ornate Ivory Stairs.png Ornate Ivory Stairs Ornate Jade Ivory Stairs.png Ornate Jade Ivory Stairs Ornate Limonite Ivory Stairs.png Ornate Limonite Ivory Stairs
Ornate Rosite Ivory Stairs.png Ornate Rosite Ivory Stairs Ornate Sapphire Ivory Stairs.png Ornate Sapphire Ivory Stairs Patterned Amethyst Ivory Stairs.png Patterned Ivory Stairs Patterned Ivory Stairs.png Patterned Ivory Stairs
Patterned Jade Ivory Stairs.png Patterned Jade Ivory Stairs Patterned Limonite Ivory Stairs.png Patterned Limonite Ivory Stairs Patterned Rosite Ivory Stairs.png Patterned Rosite Ivory Stairs Patterned Sapphire Ivory Stairs.png Patterned Sapphire Ivory Stairs
Stone stairs[]
Abyssal Stone Stairs.png Abyssal Stone Stairs Aromatic Stone Stairs.png Aromatic Stone Stairs Baron Stone Stairs.png Baron Stone Stairs Bright Rock Stairs.png Bright Rock Stairs
Coral Rock Stairs.png Coral Rock Stairs Creep Stone Stairs.png Creep Stone Stairs Crystallised Rock Stairs.png Crystallised Rock Stairs Darkened Rock Stairs.png Darkened Rock Stairs
Dense Stone Stairs.png Dense Stone Stairs Fungal Rock Stairs.png Fungal Rock Stairs Greckon Stone Stairs.png Greckon Stone Stairs Hellstone Stairs.png Hellstone Stairs
Irostone Stairs.png Irostone Stairs Lelyetian Stone Stairs.png Lelyetian Stone Stairs Polluted Stone Stairs.png Polluted Stone Stairs Precasian Lower-Rock Stairs.png Precasian Lower-Rock Stairs
Precasian Surface-Rock Stairs.png Precasian Surface-Rock Stairs Pressed Creep Stone Stairs.png Pressed Creep Stone Stairs Primed Stone Stairs.png Primed Stone Stairs Runic Stone Stairs.png Runic Stone Stairs
Weightless Stone Stairs.png Weightless Stone Stairs
Wooden stairs[]
Achony Stairs.png Achony Stairs Bloodwood Stairs.png Bloodwood Stairs Churry Stairs.png Churry Stairs Creep Stairs.png Creep Stairs
Dawnwood Stairs.png Dawnwood Stairs Hauntedwood Stairs.png Hauntedwood Stairs Irowood Stairs.png Irowood Stairs Lucalus Stairs.png Lucalus Stairs
Lunide Stairs.png Lunide Stairs Runic Stairs.png Runic Stairs Shadow Stairs.png Shadow Stairs Shyre Stairs.png Shyre Stairs
Stranglewood Stairs.png Stranglewood Stairs Toxicwood Stairs.png Toxicwood Stairs


Brick walls[]
Baron Bricks Wall.png Baron Bricks Wall Black Mysterium Bricks Wall.png Black Mysterium Bricks Wall Bloodstone Bricks Wall.png Bloodstone Bricks Wall Coral Bricks Wall.png Coral Bricks Wall
Creeponia Bricks Wall.png Creeponia Bricks Wall Crystallite Bricks Wall.png Crystallite Bricks Wall Crystevia Bricks Wall.png Crystevia Bricks Wall Dark Bricks Wall.png Dark Bricks Wall
Darkwash Bricks Wall.png Darkwash Bricks Wall Gardencia Bricks Wall.png Gardencia Bricks Wall Greckon Bricks Wall.png Greckon Bricks Wall Green Mysterium Bricks Wall.png Green Mysterium Bricks Wall
Haunted Bricks Wall.png Haunted Bricks Wall Iro Dotted Bricks Wall.png Iro Dotted Bricks Wall Iro Striped Bricks Wall.png Iro Striped Bricks Wall Lelyetian Bricks Wall.png Lelyetian Bricks Wall
Lunar Bricks Wall.png Lunar Bricks Wall Rosidian Bricks Wall.png Rosidian Bricks Wall Runic Construct Bricks Wall.png Runic Construct Bricks Wall Skeletal Bricks Wall.png Skeletal Bricks Wall
White Shyre Bricks Wall.png White Shyre Bricks Wall Whitewash Bricks Wall.png Whitewash Bricks Wall Yellow Shyre Bricks Wall.png Yellow Shyre Bricks Wall
Ivory walls[]
Intricate Amethyst Ivory Wall.png Intricate Amethyst Ivory Wall Intricate Ivory Wall.png Intricate Ivory Wall Intricate Jade Ivory Wall.png Intricate Jade Ivory Wall Intricate Limonite Ivory Wall.png Intricate Limonite Ivory Wall
Intricate Rosite Ivory Wall.png Intricate Rosite Ivory Wall Intricate Sapphire Ivory Wall.png Intricate Sapphire Ivory Wall Natural Amethyst Ivory Wall.png Natural Amethyst Ivory Wall Natural Ivory Wall.png Natural Ivory Wall
Natural Jade Ivory Wall.png Natural Jade Ivory Wall Natural Limonite Ivory Wall.png Natural Limonite Ivory Wall Natural Rosite Ivory Wall.png Natural Rosite Ivory Wall Natural Sapphire Ivory Wall.png Natural Sapphire Ivory Wall
Ornate Amethyst Ivory Wall.png Ornate Amethyst Ivory Wall Ornate Ivory Wall.png Ornate Ivory Wall Ornate Jade Ivory Wall.png Ornate Jade Ivory Wall Ornate Limonite Ivory Wall.png Ornate Limonite Ivory Wall
Ornate Rosite Ivory Wall.png Ornate Rosite Ivory Wall Ornate Sapphire Ivory Wall.png Ornate Sapphire Ivory Wall Patterned Amethyst Ivory Wall.png Patterned Amethyst Ivory Wall Patterned Ivory Wall.png Patterned Ivory Wall
Patterned Jade Ivory Wall.png Patterned Jade Ivory Wall Patterned Limonite Ivory Wall.png Patterned Limonite Ivory Wall Patterned Rosite Ivory Wall.png Patterned Rosite Ivory Wall Patterned Sapphire Ivory Wall.png Patterned Sapphire Ivory Wall
Stone walls[]
Abyssal Stone Wall.png Abyssal Stone Wall Aromatic Stone Wall.png Aromatic Stone Wall Baron Stone Wall.png Baron Stone Wall Bright Rock Wall.png Bright Rock Wall
Coral Rock Wall.png Coral Rock Wall Creep Stone Wall.png Creep Stone Wall Crystallised Rock Wall.png Crystallised Rock Wall Darkened Rock Wall.png Darkened Rock Wall
Dense Stone Wall.png Dense Stone Wall Fungal Rock Wall.png Fungal Rock Wall Greckon Stone Wall.png Greckon Stone Wall Hellstone Wall.png Hellstone Wall
Irostone Wall.png Irostone Wall Lelyetian Stone Wall.png Lelyetian Stone Wall Polluted Stone Wall.png Polluted Stone Wall Precasian Lower-Rock Wall.png Precasian Lower-Rock Wall
Precasian Surface-Rock Wall.png Precasian Surface-Rock Wall Pressed Creep Stone Wall.png Pressed Creep Stone Wall Primed Stone Wall.png Primed Stone Wall Runic Stone Wall.png Runic Stone Wall
Weightless Stone Wall.png Weightless Stone Wall


Achony Fence.png Achony Fence Bloodwood Fence.png Bloodwood Fence Churry Fence.png Churry Fence Creep Fence.png Creep Fence
Dawnwood Fence.png Dawnwood Fence Hauntedwood Fence.png Hauntedwood Fence Irowood Fence.png Irowood Fence Lucalus Fence.png Lucalus Fence
Lunide Fence.png Lunide Fence Runic Fence.png Runic Fence Shadow Fence.png Shadow Fence Shyre Fence.png Shyre Fence
Stranglewood Fence.png Stranglewood Fence Toxicwood Fence.png Toxicwood Fence Twinklestone Fence.png Twinklestone Fence

Fence gates[]

Achony Fence Gate.png Achony Fence Gate Bloodwood Fence Gate.png Bloodwood Fence Gate Churry Fence Gate.png Churry Fence Gate Creep Fence Gate.png Creep Fence Gate
Dawnwood Fence Gate.png Dawnwood Fence Gate Hauntedwood Fence Gate.png Hauntedwood Fence Gate Irowood Fence Gate.png Irowood Fence Gate Lucalus Fence Gate.png Lucalus Fence Gate
Lunide Fence Gate.png Lunide Fence Gate Runic Fence Gate.png Runic Fence Gate Shadow Fence Gate.png Shadow Fence Gate Shyre Fence Gate.png Shyre Fence Gate
Stranglewood Fence Gate.png Stranglewood Fence Gate Toxicwood Fence Gate.png Toxicwood Fence Gate Twinklestone Fence Gate.png Twinklestone Fence Gate


Achony Button.png Achony Button Bloodwood Button.png Bloodwood Button Churry Button.png Churry Button Creep Button.png Creep Button
Dawnwood Button.png Dawnwood Button Hauntedwood Button.png Hauntedwood Button Irowood Button.png Irowood Button Lucalus Button.png Lucalus Button
Lunide Button.png Lunide Button Runic Button.png Runic Button Shadow Button.png Shadow Button Shyre Button.png Shyre Button
Stranglewood Button.png Stranglewood Button Toxicwood Button.png Toxicwood Button

Pressure plates[]

Achony Pressure Plate.png Achony Pressure Plate Bloodwood Pressure Plate.png Bloodwood Pressure Plate Churry Pressure Plate.png Churry Pressure Plate Creep Pressure Plate.png Creep Pressure Plate
Dawnwood Pressure Plate.png Dawnwood Pressure Plate Hauntedwood Pressure Plate.png Hauntedwood Pressure Plate Irowood Pressure Plate.png Irowood Pressure Plate Lucalus Pressure Plate.png Lucalus Pressure Plate
Lunide Pressure Plate.png Lunide Pressure Plate Runic Pressure Plate.png Runic Pressure Plate Shadow Pressure Plate.png Shadow Pressure Plate Shyre Pressure Plate.png Shyre Pressure Plate
Stranglewood Pressure Plate.png Stranglewood Pressure Plate Toxicwood Pressure Plate.png Toxicwood Pressure Plate