Blissful Blast

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Blissful Blast
Blissful Blast.png
Type Cannon
Damage 33.5  (♥×16.75)
Unholster time 1.52s
Durability 835
Ammunition Cannonball.png Cannonball
Fire rate 0.33/sec
Tooltip Explodes on impact
Deals more damage to armoured enemies
Rarity color Common
Renewable Yes
Stackable No
Version added 2.1
ID aoa3:blissful_blast

The Blissful Blast is a Tier 4 Cannon obtained by upgrading a Big Blast.

Information[edit | edit source]

Shots fired by Blissful Blast explode upon damaging a mob.

Statistics[edit | edit source]

The Blissful Blast takes 1.52 seconds to fully 'unholster', the player must wait for the 'unholster time' to finish before being able to fire the cannon.

When used, it can fire at a rate of 0.33 shots per second, giving it an effective minimum of 11.055 (♥×5.5275) DPS. Blissful Blast's projectiles will also deal increased damage depending on the target's armor value.

Repair[edit | edit source]

See Repairing

Enchanting[edit | edit source]

See Cannons#Enchanting

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

Divine Station[edit | edit source]

Block Ingredients Item
Divine Station.png Divine Station Big Blast.png Big Blast + Smiley Upgrade Kit.png Smiley Upgrade Kit Blissful Blast.png Blissful Blast