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Blank Realmstone
Blank Realmstone.png
Rarity color Common
Version added 3.2
ID aoa3:blank_realmstone

The Blank Realmstone is an item that is used to create all of the other realmstones.


The Blank Realmstone can be obtained by opening a Worn Book. As long as another Blank Realmstone isn't in the player's inventory, the player can keep getting more Blank Realmstones from the same Worn Book.


The Blank Realmstone has two primary functions: create realmstones and open the realmstone GUI.

Realmstone GUI[]

All of the dimensions in the realmstone GUI.

The realmstone GUI can be opened by using (right-clicking) the Blank Realmstone.

The GUI takes the form of a window with a border, and inside the border is a map of multiple dimensions with arrows pointing from one dimension to another. The GUI opens centered on the Overworld, and the player can see the other dimensions by clicking and dragging the mouse around inside the window border. The player can zoom in and out using the scroll wheel.

The GUI contains all 21 dimensions in the mod, as well as the Overworld and the Nether. The GUI shows how and from where each dimension is accessible. Arrows pointing from one dimension to another show which dimension is the prerequisite to get to the other. The only exceptions to this rule is the Overworld (which has no prerequisite) and Nowhere. The player can see how to obtain the realmstone for each dimension by hovering their cursor over the picture of a dimension (except for the Overworld). This will make a tooltip pop up showing the dimension name and realmstone task.

Obtaining realmstones[]

The Blank Realmstone can be used to obtain every single realmstone in the game. All of the below tasks that don't seem to use the Blank Realmstone instead require the Blank Realmstone to be in the player's inventory.

Realmstone Dimension Task
Abyss Realmstone.png Abyss Spawn a Wither in the Nether.
Barathos Realmstone.png Barathos Defeat a Husk with a Blank Realmstone.
Candyland Realmstone.png Candyland Eat a Heart Fruit in Precasia.
Celeve Realmstone.png Celeve Defeat a lelyetian warrior with a firework.
Creeponia Realmstone.png Creeponia Survive a Creeper's explosion with a primed TNT nearby.
Crystevia Realmstone.png Crystevia Use a Deep Crystal on a Case Construct.
Deeplands Realmstone.png Deeplands Mine an ore on bedrock level in the Overworld.
Dustopia Realmstone.png Dustopia Spawn Shadowlord while the player is inflicted with Night Vision.
Gardencia Realmstone.png Gardencia Throw a Blank Realmstone into a Carrot crop (when full grown) in the Precasia dimension, then defeat the Primitive Carrotop that spawns in afterwards.

Note: You will need to bring a block of dirt, a carrot, a bucket of water or bone meal from Overworld, because no crop can be planted on any Precasian block.

Greckon Realmstone.png Greckon Use Nightmare Flakes on Elusive.
Haven Realmstone.png Haven Defeat a Flye with a melee attack while high up in the Lelyetian trees. (at Y=120 or higher)
Iromine Realmstone.png Iromine Use the Blank Realmstone on a Mineralization Station.
L'Borean Realmstone.png L'Borean Lure a Gardencia mob into Candied Water, then defeat it.
Lelyetia Realmstone.png Lelyetia Fall at least 26 blocks; landing in water or another block that prevents fall damage doesn't count.
Lunalus Realmstone.png Lunalus Jump over Haven's void with a Gravitator.
Mysterium Realmstone.png Mysterium Kill a Creepird while the player is inflicted with Poison.
Nether Realmstone.png Nether Throw away a Blank Realmstone while in lava. Note: This task is an optional alternative to the vanilla method of accessing the Nether.
Nowhere Realmstone.gif Nowhere
Shulker Box
Golden Apple
Blank Realmstone
Nowhere Realmstone
This recipe is shapeless; the ingredients may be placed in any arrangement in the crafting grid.
Precasia Realmstone.png Precasia
Oak Sapling
Birch Sapling
Spruce Sapling
Jungle Sapling
Acacia Sapling
Dark Oak Sapling
Blank Realmstone
Precasia Realmstone
This recipe is shapeless; the ingredients may be placed in any arrangement in the crafting grid.
Runandor Realmstone.png Runandor Place a Vox Light in Mysterium, place a Blank Realmstone and Runic Energy on top of it. Then activate the light with an Active Rune Stone.
Shyrelands Realmstone.png Shyrelands Prepare the ingredients beforehand, as the Magic Mending Solution will cool if not used fast enough.
Darkly Powder
Haunted Flower
Magic Mending Solution
Blank Realmstone
Shyrelands Realmstone
This recipe is shapeless; the ingredients may be placed in any arrangement in the crafting grid.
Vox Ponds Realmstone.png Vox Ponds Show a Blank Realmstone to either a Creep Banker, Creeponia Lottoman, or Explosives Expert while wearing Hazmat Armor.

Deactivating a portal[]

Using a Blank Realmstone on a Carved Rune of Power at a Portal will delete any portal blocks within the frame.