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Biogenic Armor
Biogenic Armor.png
Biogenic Helmet.png Biogenic Chestplate.png Biogenic Leggings.png Biogenic Boots.png
Armor Helmet: +3 Armor
Chestplate: +8 Armor
Leggings: +6 Armor
Boots: +3 Armor
Total: +20 Armor
Armor toughness +3 Armor Toughness per piece
+12 Armor Toughness total
Durability Helmet: 418
Chestplate: 608
Leggings: 570
Boots: 494
Effect Slows melee enemies when hit, increasing with stronger hits
Per Piece Worn: Increased Slowness effect
Full Set Bonus: Can see and breathe underwater
Rarity color Common
Stackable No
Version added 1.0
ID aoa3:biogenic_helmet

Biogenic Armor is a Tier 0 armor set dropped by Guardians and Elder Guardians.

Note: in versions of the mod for Minecraft 1.15.2, Guardian and Elder Guardian loot tables are not rolled due to a bug. As of now, Biogenic Armor is unobtainable in those versions.


When a piece of Biogenic armor is worn, getting hit by a melee attack will inflict the attacker with Slowness I. Wearing 2 or more pieces of Biogenic armor will increase the level of Slowness to Slowness II. The duration of the Slowness depends on the formula 3 * mob damage * amount of Biogenic armor pieces worn, measured in ticks. E.G. getting hit by a mob that deals 10 (♥×5) damage, while wearing a full set of Biogenic armor will inflict Slowness II onto the mob for 120 ticks, which is 6 seconds.

Wearing a full set of Biogenic armor will prevent the player from losing breath underwater, along with gaining Night Vision if underwater.


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Mob Drops[]

Biogenic Armor can be obtained as a drop from the following mobs: