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Energy Banner.png
Hardness 0.5
Blast resistance 1.0
Renewable Yes
Stackable Yes (64)
Tool Any
Rarity color Common
Drops Itself
Version added See individual banner.

Banners are a type of decorative block in the mod.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Banners are a two-block tall block that for the most part are used solely for decoration, or for crafting other banners. There are four tiers of a specific banner: Normal, Gilded, Encrusted, and Bejeweled.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

Banners, with few exceptions, are obtained in one of two ways. Banners that are placed in the world can be mined up with a pickaxe, causing them to drop themselves.

Normal banner[edit | edit source]

The normal tier of banners is mostly obtained from the Undead Herald. The Undead Herald will sell a majority banners in the game. He will only sell certain banners in certain dimensions. The exception to this is the Immortal Banner, which is sold by the Token Collector instead.

In the list of banners below, the price of the normal banner is listed in the banner's section, as well as the dimension the Undead Herald must be found in to sell it (except for Immortal Banner).

Some normal banners are unobtainable in worlds that didn't already have them prior.

Gilded, Encrusted, and Bejewelled banners[edit | edit source]

Gilded Energy Banner.png Encrusted Energy Banner.png Bejewelled Energy Banner.png

The Gilded, Encrusted, and Bejewelled banners are obtained by crafting nine of a previous banner tier. 9 normal banners crafted together in a crafting table will get a Gilded banner, 9 Gilded banners crafted together in a crafting table will make an Encrusted banner, and 9 Encrusted banners crafted together in a crafting table will make a Bejewelled banner.

Name Ingredients Crafting recipe
Gilded banner
Encrusted banner
Bejewelled banner
9 Normal banners
9 Gilded banners
9 Encrusted banners
Energy Banner
Energy Banner
Energy Banner
Energy Banner
Energy Banner
Energy Banner
Energy Banner
Energy Banner
Energy Banner
Gilded Energy Banner

[edit | edit source]

Banners can either be placed on the ground or against a wall. Banners placed on the ground will have a stand to hold them up, while banners placed against the wall will not. Banners placed against the wall are fleshed with the wall they are placed against.

Banners will always place facing the player.

If the block a banner is placed against or on is broken, the banner drops as an item.

List of banners[edit | edit source]

Below is a list of banners in the mod. The table tells the banner type, what mobs drop it, and what version it was added.

Banner Price Dimension Obtained from Version Added
Energy Banner.png Energy Banner Silver Coin.png 10 Silver Coins Any Undead Herald 1.1
Soul Banner.png Soul Banner Silver Coin.png 10 Silver Coins Any Undead Herald 1.1
Blood Banner.png Blood Banner Silver Coin.png 10 Silver Coins Any Undead Herald 2.0
Void Banner.png Void Banner Silver Coin.png 10 Silver Coins Overworld Undead Herald N/A
Lotto Banner.png Lotto Banner - - Lotto Totem (drop) 1.1
Nether Banner.png Nether Banner Nether Tokens.png 10 Nether Tokens The Nether Undead Herald 1.1
Utopian Banner.png Utopian Banner Haven Tokens.png 10 Haven Tokens The Haven Undead Herald 1.1
Shadow Banner.png Shadow Banner Abyss Tokens.png 10 Abyss Tokens The Abyss Undead Herald 1.1
Ancient Banner.png Ancient Banner Precasian Tokens.png 10 Precasian Tokens Precasia Undead Herald 1.1
Fungal Banner.png Fungal Banner Mysterium Tokens.png 10 Mysterium Tokens Mysterium Undead Herald 1.1
Haunted Banner.png Haunted Banner Greckon Tokens.png 10 Greckon Tokens Greckon Undead Herald 1.1
Mecha Banner.png Mecha Banner Iromine Tokens.png 10 Iromine Tokens Iromine Undead Herald 1.1
Lunar Banner.png Lunar Banner Lunar Tokens.png 10 Lunar Tokens Lunalus Undead Herald 1.1
Boreic Banner.png Boreic Banner Borean Tokens.png 10 Borean Tokens L'Borean Undead Herald 1.1
Rosidian Banner.png Rosidian Banner Gardencia Tokens.png 10 Gardencia Tokens Gardencia Undead Herald 1.1
Vox Banner.png Vox Banner Vox Ponds Tokens.png 10 Vox Ponds Tokens Vox Ponds Undead Herald 1.1
Runic Banner.png Runic Banner Runandor Tokens.png 10 Runandor Tokens Runandor Undead Herald 1.1
Baron Banner.png Baron Banner Baron Tokens.png 10 Baron Tokens Barathos Undead Herald 1.1
Deep Banner.png Deep Banner Deeplands Tokens.png 10 Deeplands Tokens The Deeplands Undead Herald 1.1
Dustopian Banner.png Dustopian Banner Dustopia Tokens.png 10 Dustopia Tokens Dustopia Undead Herald 1.1
Lelyetian Banner.png Lelyetian Banner Lelyetia Tokens.png 10 Lelyetia Tokens Lelyetia Undead Herald 2.0
Clown Banner.png Clown Banner Celeve Tokens.png 10 Celeve Tokens Celeve Undead Herald 2.1
Crystal Banner.png Crystal Banner Crystevia Tokens.png 10 Crystevia Tokens Crystevia Undead Herald 2.2
Candy Banner.png Candy Banner Candyland Tokens.png 10 Candyland Tokens Candyland Undead Herald 2.3
Creepy Banner.png Creepy Banner Creeponia Tokens.png 10 Creeponia Tokens Creeponia Undead Herald 2.4
Immortal Banner.png Immortal Banner Dungeon Tokens.png 1 Dungeon Tokens Immortallis Token Collector 2.4
Shyre Banner.png Shyre Banner Shyrelands Tokens.png 10 Shyrelands Tokens The Shyrelands Undead Herald Tslat 1.1
Creation Banner.png Creation Banner Silver Coin.png 10 Silver Coins Any Undead Herald 2.4.B

God Banners[edit | edit source]

God Banners are special banners dedicated to the different Gods in the mod. These banners are special in that they do not have higher tier variants.

Banner Obtained from Version Added
Selyan Banner.png Selyan Banner Coniferon 2.0
Luxon Banner.png Luxon Banner Horon 2.0
Erebon Banner.png Erebon Banner Penumbra 2.0
Pluton Banner.png Pluton Banner Goldorth 2.0

History[edit | edit source]

Version Information
1.1 Added banners. The available banners were: Energy, Soul, Illusion, Sea, Lotto, Nether, Nethengeic, Utopian, Shadow, Ancient, Skeletal, Fungal, Haunted, Mecha, Lunar, Deep, Rosidian, Ghoul, Runic, Boreic, Baron, Vox and Dustopian.
?? Added Void banners.
2.0 Added Lelyetian, Blood, Selyan, Luxon, Erebon and Pluton banners.
Lotto Banner is now obtained as a drop from Swarm-O-Tron Totem and Royal Greatblade Totem.
2.1 Added Clown banner.
Lotto Banner is now obtained as a drop from Goofy Greatblade Totem and Whimsy Winder Totem.
2.2 Added Crystal banner.
Lotto Banner is now obtained as a drop from Crystaneer Totem and Crystal Maul Totem.
2.2.5 Added Ghostly banner.
2.3 Added Candy and Gingerbread banners.
Lotto Banner is now obtained as a drop from Froster Totem and Mint Magnum Totem.
2.4 Added Creepy, Creepoid, Immortal, and Fragment banners.
Banner hitboxes were shifted to the top half of the banner.
Lotto Banner is now obtained as a drop from Creepoid Greatblade Totem and Boom-Boom Totem.
2.4.B Added new Energy and Soul banners, which do not drop from mobs. Added Creation banner.
Former Energy and Soul banners were renamed to Energy (Retro) and Soul (Retro) respectively.
Tslat 1.1 Added Shyre, Light, and Shiny banners.
Lotto Banner is now obtained as a drop from Sky Staff Totem and Soulbone Totem.
3.0 The new Energy and Soul banners added in 2.4.B now drop from mobs.
Removed Energy (Retro) and Soul (Retro) banners.
Banners are now displayed frontally in the inventory, and have a small post when placed on the ground.
Encrusted and Bejeweled banners were swapped (i.e. 9 Gilded banners yields 1 Encrusted banner, and 9 Encrusted banners yields 1 Bejeweled banner).
All banners have a new id.
3.2 All banners that are dropped by mobs (excluding the Selyan, Luxon, Erebon, and Pluton banners) are no longer dropped by their respective mobs. Some of them are now obtained by trading with an Undead Herald.