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Auto Harvesting Trash is an ability associated with the Extraction skill.

Overview[ | ]

Extraction[ | ]

Auto Harvesting Trash GUI

The Auto Harvesting Trash GUI.

The Auto Harvesting Trash ability is unlocked at level 74 Extraction.

This ability can prevent certain items from dropping when mining blocks. In the Advent GUI, shift-clicking the Auto Harvesting Trash ability text within the Extraction section, will open another GUI that shows the player's inventory and hotbar. From here, clicking on any item in the inventory will designate it as the item to be affected by this ability. Whenever the player mines a block that would drop the designated item, the block will cease to drop the item. E.G. if Cobblestone is selected, then Stone would stop dropping Cobblestone, selecting Diamonds would prevent Diamond Ore from dropping Diamonds, etc.

Only 1 item can be selected at a time. The player can deselect the current item by clicking an empty slot in the Auto Harvesting Trash inventory, or by clicking on a different item. The item that was selected will be shown in the tooltip of the Auto Harvesting Trash ability. The Esc key can be used to close the Auto Harvesting Trash GUI without needing to select anything. This ability does not affect what items mobs can drop.

Customization[ | ]