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Arkzyne Outpost
Arkzyne Outpost
Biome N/A
Consists of Arkzyne Spawner Arkzyne Spawner
Darkwash Bricks Darkwash Bricks
Iron Bars Iron Bars
Version added 2.4
ID ArkzyneOutpost

The Arkzyne Outpost is a dungeon found in Dustopia.

Generation[ | ]

The Arkzyne Outpost generates naturally on the surface of Dustopia. By default it has a 1 in 295 chance to generate per chunk.

Arkzyne outposts are locked to generating in the dimension, setting a superflat world to Dustopian Forest will not generate arkzyne outposts.

Structure[ | ]

Arkzyne Outposts are small arena structures held up by a pillar. The majority of the structure is made of Darkwash Bricks and Iron Bars. The arena is surrounded by a wall and contains a single Arkzyne Spawner in the center.

Mobs[ | ]

Hostile mobs[ | ]


Configuration[ | ]

Arkzyne Outpost's generation rate can be changed in the mod's structure_config.cfg file. The default value for Arkzyne Outpost's generation rate is 295.